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The Undertaker hilariously pranks WWE fans [WATCH]

  • The Undertaker had his final farewell at WWE Survivor Series 2020.
  • The reactions of the fans as The Undertaker pranks them in this video are hilarious.
Vatsal Rathod
Modified 25 Nov 2020, 19:50 IST

The Undertaker, one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time, bid farewell to WWE Universe last Sunday at Survivor Series 2020. After maintaining the kayfabe around his gimmick for years, this year The Undertaker has revealed a new side of himself to the fans by giving several out-of-character interviews.

Recently, WWE released a video of The Undertaker teaming with Omaze to prank his fans. In the video, fans are asked to cut a promo against The Undertaker for a hypothetical WrestleMania match between them and The Phenom. As fans cut these promos, The Undertaker himself crashed the video call pranking the fans in a hilarious manner.


The reactions of the fans are priceless and it is great to see The Phenom enjoying his time after retirement. It is to be noted that WWE and Omaze have announced a unique opportunity for the fans to join The Undertaker in a tour of the WWE Performance Center.

The Undertaker's final farewell at WWE Survivor Series 2020

The Undertaker's final farewell took place at WWE Survivor Series 2020, exactly 30 years after his debut in 1990. In a segment that closed the pay-per-view this Sunday, several legends and WWE Hall of Famers were present and Vince McMahon himself appeared on-screen to talk about how much The Undertaker means to the company.

This was followed by The Undertaker making his iconic entrance, after which he took the mic and said the following:

"For 30 long years, I made that slow walk to this ring. And have laid people to rest, time and time again. Now, my time has come. My time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace."

This was followed by The Undertaker getting on his knees for his signature pose. In what was a truly nostalgic moment, a hologram of the late Paul Bearer, The Undertaker's legendary manager, appeared holding the urn.

Published 25 Nov 2020, 19:50 IST
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