Vince McMahon recently returned to WWE

"This has Vince McMahon written all over it" - Fans react angrily to reports of WWE not seeing top star as the face of the company

Vince McMahon has pushed a number of stars to superstardom during his time as the WWE head of creative. The 77-year old stepped down as the head booker in 2022. According to recent reports, his successor Triple H does not see fan-favorite Sami Zayn as the face of the company.

Sami Zayn has become the most popular babyface in wrestling over the course of the last few months as his addition to the Bloodline reinvigorated the storyline. The former Intercontinental Champion then turned on the faction after the main event of Royal Rumble 2023.


Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens to rerain the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. After the victory, the Bloodline handcuffed the Prizefighter and assaulted him. Sami Zayn was asked by the Tribal Chief to strike Owens with a steel chair but Sami attacked the Head of the Table instead.

This was met by a huge pop from the crowd and a huge number of fans are completely behind Sami Zayn now. However, a recent report from Dave Meltzer stated that the WWE management does not see Zayn as the face of the company.

This was met with angry responses from fans on social media, with some comparing the situation to Daniel Bryan's situation in 2014:

@WrestlingNewsCo This has Vince McMahon written all over it
@WrestlingNewsCo We made our voices heard with Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. So it’s time we make it heard again with Sami Zayn.
@WrestlingNewsCo Bet they weren’t saying that when they put him on the dang bloodline
@WrestlingNewsCo Didn’t they say something similar about a guy with lots of hair & massive beard?
@WrestlingNewsCo For me Sami is the People’s champ, like Daniel Bryan & Mick Foley.

Can you imagine the pop he’d get if he won it like Mankind vs the Rock? The place would erupt
@WrestlingNewsCo Then what was the point of putting him in this storyline?
@WrestlingNewsCo I hate that WWE mentality. like you don’t have to look like a Roman, John, Brock, etc. If you’re super over and people like you that should be it.
@WrestlingNewsCo Didnt Bam Bam Bigelow main event a Wrestlemania? I'm sure Sammi could draw more than him.
@WrestlingNewsCo They said the same thing about Daniel Bryan and we see how that turned out…
@WrestlingNewsCo This is has Daniel Bryan 2014 wrote all over it
@WrestlingNewsCo Me when I don’t watch my own product
@WrestlingNewsCo Sami Zayn is the reason why Bloodline storyline is relevant.
@WrestlingNewsCo He should come to AEW for a few years. Seemed to work for other people.

In case you missed it, you can check out the SmackDown results here.

Former WWE writer does not want Sami Zayn to defeat Roman Reigns

The Elimination Chamber 2023 premium live event will take place in Sami Zayn's hometown of Montreal. The former Honorary Uce is widely expected to battle Roman Reigns for the world title.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo believes having Sami Zayn beat Roman Reigns is not worth it:

"Hypothetically, The Usos come down. Now here comes Owens to help Sami Zayn. Hypothetically, one of the Usos accidently hits Roman Reigns, and we get the quick roll-up. Let's say, for argument's sake. You have to bring the rematch back on SmackDown that Friday and give him the title back. But if it's me, that is not worth it. Putting a mark on Roman Reigns, that is not worth it. It is not worth it to me, bro," added Russo. [1:58 - 2:33]

There is no doubt that the Bloodline storyline is the most gripping story in all of wrestling right now. It will be fascinating to see what happens next.


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