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Triple H (left); Kevin Owens (right).

Triple H allegedly asked 41-year-old star about losing major WWE title to Kevin Owens

A former WWE star recently claimed that Chief Content Officer Triple H asked him to drop a major title to Kevin Owens eight years ago.

The star in question is Ryback, who has been a one-time Intercontinental Champion in World Wrestling Entertainment. Ahead of Elimination Chamber 2015, Daniel Bryan vacated the IC title, leading to Sheamus, Ryback, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, R-Truth, and Dolph Ziggler's encounter in the Elimination Chamber for the gold.


The 41-year-old star bested five other stars to win the vacant Intercontinental Championship. While speaking on his YouTube channel, Ryback TV, the star revealed it was Vince McMahon who told him in a parking lot that he was going to win the IC title.

However, The Big Guy went on to share how WWE Superstars are informed about winning and losing a championship. Drawing from his experience, Ryback noted that ahead of Night of Champions in 2015, Hunter called him into his office.

During his visit to the office, The Game allegedly asked the 41-year-old to drop his IC title to Kevin Owens as the latter went on to win the title. Hence, the former Intercontinental Champion noted that usually WWE Superstars are informed days before or at the last moment to avoid spoilers.

"Months later I was brought into an office by Triple H in which he asked me if I was okay dropping the title to Kevin Owens to which I told him 'I had no issues with that at all,'" he said. [From o0:36 to 00:46]

Check out the video below:


Triple H reportedly wants a 33-year-old star to carry Bray Wyatt's legacy

The untimely passing of Bray Wyatt has shocked the WWE Universe, and Triple H is concerned about the legacy he left behind.

As per reports by Xero News, the 14-time World Champion wants Wyatt's brother Bo Dallas to "carry the legacy."

"Uncle Howdy may not be done either, Source has told today Triple H wants Bo Dallas to carry on the legacy and is willing to give him the proper opportunity to do so. Talks ongoing, but one to keep an eye out for after Survivor Series going forward, big possibility we see him show up December/January."
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Only time will tell if Bo Dallas will return to World Wrestling Entertainment to carry the former Universal Champion's legacy in the future.

Do you think The COO should re-sign Bo Dallas to WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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