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  • Triple H's "mistake" could result in CM Punk having more backstage heat in WWE following his return at Survivor Series, claims veteran
Triple H reportedly produced CM Punk's WWE return segment at Survivor Series: WarGames

Triple H's "mistake" could result in CM Punk having more backstage heat in WWE following his return at Survivor Series, claims veteran

Wrestling veteran Vince Russo believes CM Punk should not have returned to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames.

The Best in the World returned last Saturday at Survivor Series: WarGames after nine years of absence. A few minutes ahead of Punk's comeback, Randy Orton also returned to WWE television for the first time in over a year to help Cody Rhodes' team defeat The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre in the men's WarGames match.


Speaking on The Brand podcast, Russo addressed Punk's return, claiming WWE's Creative, led by Triple H, made a mistake by having the 45-year-old "upstage" Orton's comeback.

"So, Orton comes out. He's been gone for a year and a half. This is his first return back. They're victorious in the match. And then they upstage Orton, which I was like, 'Okay, bro, listen, I understand you wanna pop a rating on RAW on Monday night. I understand that. But bro, you can pop that same rating a week after. All you had to do is, bro, give Orton his moment in the sun. A year and a half, bro, that's Orton's moment,'" he said.

The former WWE head writer added:

"'Bro, if Punk has any heat on him backstage, you don't wanna put him in a position where now it looks like he's upstaging Orton. He's more important than Orton. Bro, all you had to do was the same thing last night. Just bring Punk out at the end of RAW last night and then you're gonna pop that same number next week. I really felt, bro, like I said man, the thing is you know Punk's got heat backstage with some of the people there. You know he does. You're gonna add to that by putting him in that spot and having him upstage Orton, who's been gone for a year and a half?' I don't know about that call." [0:24 - 1:43]

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CM Punk allegedly spoke to several WWE Superstars before his return at Survivor Series

Ahead of his comeback at Survivor Series in his hometown of Chicago last Saturday, CM Punk allegedly sat down with several superstars backstage.


Speaking on Keepin' It 100, wrestling veteran Konnan claimed The Best in the World wanted to "make sure everybody was cool with him" and "probably apologized."

"I know for a fact that before the show he went in different rooms and talked to different wrestlers. I think he wanted to make sure everything was smooth and everybody was cool with him and probably apologize to some people or whatever he did, you know," he said.

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