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What caused Trish Stratus and her fellow WWE Hall of Famer to step away?

Trish Stratus and another WWE legend finally open up on what was behind their retirements

Trish Stratus and her best friend Lita came out of retirement for matches at WWE Evolution before coming back for an actual run this year. 2023 saw Trish Stratus add one more iconic rivalry to her belt when she battled Becky Lynch throughout the summer.

The WWE Hall of Famer also took Zoey Stark along for the ride, siding with the young star and giving her the rub before disappearing from the ring in August. While the former champion hasn't been back on RAW, she and Lita both appeared at Galaxycon Columbus over the weekend for a Q&A.


The iconic duo spoke on several subjects before tackling their shocking retirements back in 2006. Trish's retirement came after defeating Lita for the WWE Women's Championship at Unforgiven before vacating it. Lita would go onto regain the belt before losing it in her retirement match to Mickie James at WWE Survivor Series later that year.

At the panel, they were asked if their retirements had to do with the other hanging up their boots. Per Nick Zablocki of PWInsider, it was more of a timing thing.

"Lita said they both signed their first contracts around the same time, and renewed around the same time, so when they came due, they both agreed that they had accomplished what they wanted."

They would joke that Trish got the better retirement of the two as she was sent out with the belt around her waist, while Lita went out on her back.


When will Trish Stratus return to WWE?

While we've been without Stratusfaction for four months now, Stratus did answer a question regarding her return earlier this year. At Big Texas Comic Con, she explained what it would take to see her come back to the ring. Per Andrew Thompson of Post Wrestling, Stratus said:

"But again, I’ve been asked by people here (at Big Texas Comic Con), ‘Are you coming back? Do you want to do another run?’ But this is the thing, I’m like… the boxes it has to check. One is the creative. What is the creative? What am I going to come back and do? Is it going to check these boxes? So, I always turn it back to people and go, ‘I might go back but who should I face?’ Tell me, I wanna know."

There are quite a few women on the roster who could make magic with Trish Stratus should the stars align. Bianca Belair, Asuka, Rhea Ripley, and more could give us some major premium live event quality bouts with the legend.


While Stratus has been working on other projects, Lita has popped up in WWE recently, picking four participants for the NXT Iron Survivor Challenge qualifier matches last month.

Who would you like to see face Trish Stratus or Lita should they return? Let us know in the comments section below!


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