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Rey Mysterio will wrestle his son Dominik at the Show of Shows.

"Umm, I'm surprised" - 'A very good friend' of Rey Mysterio gets honest about his WWE Hall of Fame induction (Exclusive)

Rey Mysterio went into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023, and the wrestling faithful have widely praised his induction ceremony online. MVP recently spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling ahead of WrestleMania 39 and admitted to being surprised over his close friend's HOF induction.

The Master of 619 has experienced one of the rare cases where an active talent has found a spot in the coveted WWE Hall of Fame. Omos' manager said that while he was caught off guard by the news due to Mysterio still competing, he believed that Rey richly deserved the accolade.


Moreover, MVP claimed that Rey Mysterio was the greatest and most famous Luchador of all time:

"Umm, I'm surprised," began MVP. "He is still an active wrestler! You know, to be inducted while he is wrestling, but I don't think there is any argument that Rey Mysterio is the greatest Luchador of all time. Certainly the most famous." [4:00 - 4:14]

MVP and Rey Mysterio have known each other for several years and have also shared the ring in many matches in WWE.

The 49-year-old RAW Superstar considered Mysterio a "very good friend and mentor." It's a well-known fact that Rey is one of the nicest personalities in wrestling, a notion also echoed by MVP:

"Rey Mysterio has always been a very good friend of mine and mentor. His accomplishments are phenomenal, and he is genuinely one of the most wonderful human beings I've ever known. So nobody deserves it more." [4:28 - 4:44]

MVP jokes on how Rey Mysterio could have been a billionaire in WWE because of his masks

Fans from different generations connect with Rey's journey, and unofficial versions and designs of his iconic masks continue to be sold around the globe.


MVP noted that if Rey Mysterio collected a penny for every counterfeit mask of his that was purchased at various stores, his former rival would have already been a billionaire.

"His mask is the most counterfeited mask in the world, and if Rey Mysterio had a penny for every counterfeit Rey Mysterio mask you can find at a kiosk or gift shop in Mexico, he'd been a billionaire probably," the former US Champion quipped. [4:15 - 4:27]

The former WWE Champion's legacy in pro wrestling goes beyond his in-ring accolades as Rey Mysterio is a world-renowned figure.

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