Bruce Prichard can see Vince McMahon running WWE for another 30 years

WWE executive can see Vince McMahon running the show for another 30 years

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WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has been in charge of every creative decision in the company for well over 40 years. Some sections of the fanbase have even been calling for him to step down in recent years to let a younger, more in-touch voice take control.

However, current RAW and SmackDown executive director Bruce Prichard believes there is no chance that the chairman of the board will step down anytime soon.


Speaking on his podcast Something to Wrestle With, Prichard spoke of how much longer we could see McMahon running the show.

“Yes [I always felt like Vince McMahon would continue running WWE past the early 2000s]. Absolutely. Yeah, I can’t imagine him not doing it and I am sure that he will continue to do it probably for the next 25 to 30 years. His mom’s 101 and still going so, you know, he shows no signs of slowing down at all and he’s a freak of nature and it’s hard to imagine it without him and I don’t think that we’ll have to imagine it without him for a long, long time,” Prichard said.
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2:00 PM · Aug 21, 2020

Despite his age, Vince is still taking crazy bumps for WWE. With McMahon's passion for the wrestling business still very much alive, it is fair to assume that the chairman will be around for a long time.


Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard's working relationship

Bruce Prichard has been a part of WWE off and on for over 30 years, and he currently serves as the company's Senior Vice President.

Prichard and McMahon have had a very successful working relationship when it comes to creating the larger-than-life characters seen on WWE programming.

On the Something to Wrestle With podcast, Prichard spoke of a time when Vince loved a story idea involving Kane. The storyline revealed that The Big Red Machine was the brother of the Undertaker, leading to The Phenom attacking Paul Bearer at his home. Prichard confirmed the chairman's reaction to the angle, saying:

“He just f*****g loved it. God damn!”

With a creative partnership that spans three decades, fans can expect to see the working relationship between Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard continue for many years to come.

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