Vince McMahon recently retired from WWE!

"I've never experienced none of that" - WWE Hall of Famer says Vince McMahon's allegations came as a shock; recalls fond memory

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long said Vince McMahon's allegations came as a surprise to him.

Vince McMahon was the pioneer behind sports entertainment in its early years. After years of creating superstars and megastars in the industry, McMahon decided to step down from his position as CEO and creative head of the company.


Teddy Long, the long-time General Manager of SmackDown, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. Speaking to WrestlingInc, the 74-year-old veteran said he was shocked upon finding out about McMahon's recent allegations and spoke about his experience working with the CEO:

"I've never experienced none of that... When this came out about Vince and stuff, it was really a shock to me... To know him — and I guess I didn't know him — but, I mean, to be around him as long as I was and to just see how professional and how business he was, I'm saying I just would have never thought that." [H/T - WrestlingInc]
At 77, time for me to retire.
Thank you, WWE Universe.
Then. Now. Forever. Together. #WWE #thankful

Several allegations were made about McMahon and according to reports, McMahon also paid millions of dollars in 'hush money' to cover up the incident.


Teddy Long believes Vince McMahon's exit from the company is hurting him

The landscape of WWE changed when Vince McMahon decided to retire from the company. After weeks of being investigated over the alleged allegations, McMahon first stepped back as the CEO of the company before finally stepping down from his roles and duties.

It's been almost two months and several notable changes have been seen in WWE. Speaking to WrestlingInc, Teddy Long recalled a fond memory with Vince McMahon. He pointed out that leaving the company is hurting the former CEO more than anything else:

"I never will forget that [WWE commentator] Michael Cole told me one time that wrestling was Vince's life. I was on Vince's plane at the time and Michael Cole told me that Vince will talk about wrestling when we take off and he will talk about it until we land. And that's exactly what he did. We talked about wrestling that whole flight. So, that's why I think him being away is, like I said, he's been doing this for so many years, so to step away like that it's got to take a lot out of it." [H/T - WrestlingInc]

McMahon might not be around to oversee the company, but his successors are filling in for him and running the company

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