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  • "Vince needs to fire her asap" - Fans bash 33-year-old star after dismal performance on WWE SmackDown
Vince McMahon has released many WWE stars

"Vince needs to fire her asap" - Fans bash 33-year-old star after dismal performance on WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown was an eventful show with several memorable segments and matches. One of the most talked about parts of the show this week was the return of Lacey Evans, but fans were not too pleased with her comeback.

Lacey Evans made her in-ring return on the latest episode of Friday night show when she took on Zelina Vega in a Money In The Bank Qualifying match. The LWO member emerged victorious in under three minutes to punch her ticket to the multi-woman ladder match.


This was the Sassy Southern Belle's first match in nearly three months. She was a part of the WrestleMania Showcase Qualifying match that saw Natalya and Shotzi defeat Lacey Evans and Xia Li. Evans was also a part of the Women's Royal Rumble, where she entered at the 14th spot, scoring two eliminations before being eliminated by Raquel Rodriguez.

Her last singles victory came in February when she defeated Carmen Harress on SmackDown. Following her recent return, fans were left disappointed with her performance.

@hoffame36 She needs to go back to the unemployment line
@BasedWorld960 they fired Toni but kept Lacey
@316REIGNS More likely because of her looks definitely not by her charisma lol
@316REIGNS She's a Vince favorite. It's as simple as that.


Dutch Mantell urged WWE to "do something" with Lacey Evans after an uneventful WWE return

Lacey Evans has undergone numerous character switches in WWE over the last couple of years, but none have gotten over with fans.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell urged the company's creative team to do better with the 33-year-old star. He stated that she is doing half the work herself when it comes to generating heat and that she is not boring.

"She's not boring. To me, she'd be easy to book because she's doing half the work before she gets there. I thought she did the greatest thing when she told, 'I did all this for you people. Then you come out here and you boo me?' So she's putting the heat on the people. Not on her opponent, not on another wrestler. She's putting the heat on the people, and that's the easiest type of heat to get and she did it well. But like I've said a thousand times, this is just a week of this year, they've got 51 weeks this year. Do something with that girl," said the veteran. [From 44:02 - 44:46]

At one point in time, Lacey Evans was embroiled in a feud with Becky Lynch for the RAW Women's Championship. While she never won the title, she was treated as a main event star. Could that happen in the coming months following her latest return?

A former WWE writer thinks Bronson Reed's push could be in jeopardy here.

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