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  • Vince Russo reveals what a current female WWE star has privately told him about Tony Khan (Exclusive)
Tony Khan is the CEO and president of AEW

Vince Russo reveals what a current female WWE star has privately told him about Tony Khan (Exclusive)

AEW has emerged as a legitimate alternative to WWE for pro wrestlers, though it seems the women might not get the best money in Tony Khan's company. Vince Russo revealed that a female star told him women don't get paid well in All Elite Wrestling.

The latest Writing with Russo revolved around Jade Cargill's rumored move to World Wrestling Entertainment and the best way she could be used creatively on the main roster. Cargill was one of the biggest names in AEW's women's division, and in an ideal scenario, Tony Khan would not have wanted to part ways with her.


While talking about AEW contracts, Vince Russo said he had a private conversation with a female talent from WWE, who made a big revelation about Tony Khan, as you can view below:

"I'm going to say this, bro. I don't know if this is true or not, but I will tell you this. A current female member of the WWE roster told me this, okay? Because I guess some women in WWE have put their toe in the water, and they told me, bro, believe this or not, when it comes to the female wrestlers, Tony Khan does not pay the females well." [2:55 - 3:20]

Vince Russo speculates on the reason for Jade Cargill choosing WWE over AEW


While many factors could be involved, Vince Russo stated that Jade Cargill joining the Triple H-led promotion might have come down to the monetary perks.

Russo clarified that the detail about Khan not paying women should be taken with a grain of salt, but could see why a name like Cargill might have been unimpressed with the company's offers.

On the contrary, Russo didn't rule out WWE presenting Jade with a deal that might have been too good to refuse. He added:

"So, that's what I'm thinking. If that is true, then I am thinking dollars and cents. I am thinking, did they make her a monetary offer that she could not refuse? That's what I'm asking because what else could they offer her, Chris?" [3:21 - 3:42]

What are your predictions for Jade Cargill as she prepares for a big step in her career? Let us know in the comments section below.


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