The USA Network hired Ed Ferrara as a consultant without Vince McMahon's knowledge

Vince Russo says USA Network secretly hired a former WCW writer to report on WWE RAW (Exclusive)

  • Did USA Network secretly hire a former WCW writer as a consultant without Vince McMahon's knowledge?
  • Vince Russo revealed that Ed Ferrara was a consultant for the USA Network.
Modified 25 Nov 2020, 15:51 IST

Vince Russo and Dr. Chris Featherstone discussed the state of WWE RAW on this week's edition of Legion of RAW. During the show, Chris asked Vince Russo whether the USA Network gives any kind of feedback regarding the show. While answering the question, Vince Russo revealed something a lot of fans may be unaware of.

USA Network hired Ed Ferrara as a consultant for WWE RAW without Vince McMahon's knowledge


Vince Russo revealed that after he and Ed Ferrara were done with their run in WCW, the USA Network hired Ed Ferrara as a consultant without Vince McMahon's knowledge. According to Russo, Ferrara's job was to give a rundown of WWE RAW and occasionally pitch ideas for the show to the USA Network:

Chris, not a lot of people know this. I'm going to share this with you. And if Vince knew this, he'd have been ballistic. Bro, do you know, when Ed [Ferrare] and I left WWE and then like when our WCW run was over, bro do you know that USA Network paid Ed as a consultant to watch RAW every week. So Ed would watch RAW and give them a very well laid out summary of the show and Ed would also pitch ideas. So it would sound like it was coming from the USA Network and they knew what they were talking about.
So again, that's the cockiness and that's the egos of the people in the wrestling business. They're looking at the USA Network and they're like, 'Oh, who did you ever beat? You're going to tell us how to write a wrestling show?'. Bro, I'll tell you right now, an eight-year-old can tell them how to write a wrestling show right now. So yeah, the Network does... they offer notes, they offer suggestions. But you know, again within the bubble the network is laughed at - 'what do they know? what have they ever booked?' - and they continue to put this stuff on.

During the show, Vince Russo also spoke about Adam Pearce's current role in WWE as an on-screen authority figure and why he was not a fan of it. You can check that out HERE.

Published 25 Nov 2020, 15:51 IST
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