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Bayley wasn't thrilled with the fan sign

[WATCH] Bayley angrily tears up WWE fan's sign; what was written on it?

WWE Superstar Bayley tore up an interesting fan sign at tonight's WWE live event in Manchester, England.

The Role Model has done an incredible job as a heel ever since she embraced her dark side a few years ago. She has consistently been one of WWE's top heels since returning to the company at SummerSlam last year.


Bayley teamed up with fellow Damage CTRL member IYO SKY at the latest live event, with the duo taking on Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair. Lynch and Belair were victorious over the heels when all was said and done. Steve Fall shared a clip on Twitter in which The Role Model can be seen tearing up a fan sign that said 'Booley.'

Check out the clip below:

Bayley DID NOT like that fan’s sign.

#WWE #WWEManchester @itsBayleyWWE

Bayley's heel turn was the turning point of her career

The 33-year-old WWE Superstar was super over as a babyface during her early years in the company. However, by the time 2019 came around, Bayley was receiving mixed reactions on a regular basis, and it seemed that fans had grown tired of her gimmick.


On the September 2, 2019, episode of WWE RAW, she turned heel for the first time in her career when she hit Becky Lynch with a steel chair. A month later, she debuted a new, menacing look.

Earlier this year, she had a chat with Ariel Helwani and stated that it was her idea to turn heel, and felt the fans turning on her.

"It was all my idea when it first happened. I was in, I don’t know if you remember, it was such a weird time in my career where it wasn’t really going where we all thought it would and I felt the fans turning on me already and just not buying into it. I didn’t want to just kind of coast along." [H/T WrestlingNewsCo]

Bayley is one of the most decorated female stars in WWE history. She has won the RAW Women's Title, the SmackDown Women's Title, and the NXT Women's Title, among other accolades.


Drop your reactions to the clip of Bayley tearing up a fan sign! What do you think of the nickname 'Booley'?


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