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  • "We need to talk" - Returning star sends message to Rhea Ripley
Ripley is a part of The Judgment Day faction.

"We need to talk" - Returning star sends message to Rhea Ripley

A WWE Superstar has revealed that he needs to talk to Rhea Ripley following this week's episode of RAW.

The Eradicator successfully defended her Women's World Championship against Zoey Stark at Survivor Series on November 25. However, her Judgment Day stablemates came up short in the Men's WarGames match in the main event of the premium live event.


CM Punk, Randy Orton, and R-Truth made their returns at Survivor Series. Truth has been driving The Judgment Day crazy as of late on the red brand. The veteran continues to somehow find himself in the faction's clubhouse and make a mess of their couch recently by enjoying a jelly roll.

Speaking on WWE's The Bump, R-Truth revealed that he needed to talk with Rhea Ripley. He noted that there are a lot of issues with The Judgment Day's clubhouse and would love the opportunity to have a conversation with the Women's World Champion.

"We need to talk. There are some things that need to change around The Judgment Day's clubhouse. No cable, I didn't see no microwave. The TV, that one was on me. I should have got that one. They got those dim lights in there. We need the 20, 40, 100 watts. Brighten it up in there!" he said. [From 1:01:37 - 01:02:06]

Former WWE writer predicts downfall of Rhea Ripley's opponent following Survivor Series


Wrestling veteran Vince Russo predicted that Zoey Stark would fall back to the middle of the card if she lost to Rhea Ripley at WWE Survivor Series.

Zoey Stark debuted on the main roster earlier this year as Trish Stratus' protege. She left the Hall of Famer behind after she lost to Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage match at WWE Payback in September.

Speaking on a recent edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW show, Vince Russo claimed that Stark only got the opportunity because Ripley needed an opponent. He added that Zoey Stark will likely return to being a midcarder if she lost to Rhea Ripley at the premium live event.

"I don't think she's in a prominent spot at all bro. I think they just need opponents for Rhea Ripley. Next month it will be Shayna Baszler...Yeah, but right after this, you know, she's gonna go right down to the middle of the pack bro," Vince Russo said. [From 16:44 to 17:01]
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Rhea Ripley has been dominant as the Women's World Champion so far. It will be interesting to see which WWE RAW star steps up to the 27-year-old next and challenges for the title.


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