Sasha Banks is a six-time women's champion in WWE

"Why do you have to have that much control?" - Former WWE employee discusses the company's strategy with Sasha Banks

Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. recently questioned whether the company was right in muting the Sasha Banks chants during Survivor Series.

Banks walked out of the company with Naomi back in May. The two stars were later suspended indefinitely and rarely mentioned on WWE TV. However, fans in attendance at Survivor Series were clearly missing The Legit Boss and kept chanting her name during the women's matches on the show.


On the latest episode of Wrestling with Freddie, the former writer spoke about reports of WWE muting the Sasha Banks chants.

"I don't know what WWE is doing. I don't know if they are pumping in crowd noise in live shows. I heard they muted Sasha Banks chants during the first match, which if they did, it's not a shame on you moment but like, who cares? Why do you have to have that much control over what people hear? Just present it honestly and organically and let people be excited about Sasha Banks," said Freddie.

He mentioned that the two parties would eventually work out their differences, and it did not make sense to mute the fans during the telecast.

"We all know you're gonna re-sign her. You're not gonna let her walk. You're gonna pay her what she wants, so let these moments happen," Freddie added. [18:55 - 19:30]

Sasha Banks and Naomi were the Women's Tag Team Champions before their walkout

Back at WrestleMania 38, Sasha Banks and Naomi were at the top of their game as they won the Women's Tag Team Championship in a Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match.

However, things between them and WWE soured when the two walked out during a taping of Monday Night RAW. Several reports cited creative differences as the reason behind their exit. The stars surrendered their titles to John Laurinaitis before leaving the arena.

After Triple H took over the creative reins, he organized a Women's Tag Team Tournament to reintroduce the tag titles. Damage CTRL members Dakota Kai and IYO SKY are the current titleholders.

forever missing sasha banks and naomi.

As for The Legit Boss, there is no official word on a return date, and fans may have to wait a while before seeing her back inside the squared circle.

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