WWE RAW Underground was announced tonight!

WWE debuts RAW Underground - featuring a ring with no ropes

  • Shane McMahon announces RAW Underground, which features a ring with no ropes.
  • The new segment sees two talents grappling Fight Club-style in a darkened room
Gary Cassidy
Modified 05 Aug 2020, 00:21 IST

RAW Underground was announced on Monday night by Shane McMahon on WWE RAW, whereby talents will grapple in a ring with no ropes in a darkened, disused room in the WWE Performance Center.

WWE announced very late in the day that Shane O'Mac would be back on Monday Night RAW after an absence of almost one year, and he later tweeted himself to say he was coming to "shake up" WWE - and, boy, he was not wrong.


Shane McMahon announced a whole new vision for WWE, with a new Bloodsport-esque style of wrestling named RAW Underground, which takes place in a ring with no ropes in a darkened room in the Performance Center.

What is RAW Underground?

RAW Underground is apparently the brainchild of Shane McMahon, and will see WWE Superstars do battle in a ring with no ropes, in an MMA-style setting. The "fights" see talent surround the ring with a referee dressed entirely in black officiating the match where two wrestlers grapple Bloodsport-style.

The production is reminiscent of Lucha Underground's gritty feel, whereby people would meet up in an abandoned building purely to wrestle. It also seems like somewhat of a departure from the polished, arena style we've come to expect from WWE.

It looks like the new style of matches could become a permanent feature on Monday Night RAW going forward, and offer a completely new style of wrestling on the show.

We'll keep you updated with any more news regarding RAW Underground as and when we get it.

Published 04 Aug 2020, 07:13 IST