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Mick Foley (left); Triple H and Nikki Bella (right)

WWE fans lose their minds as Mick Foley's non-PG tweet about Triple H and Nikki Bella resurfaces

WWE fans are having a field day over Mick Foley's old tweet about Triple H and Hall of Famer Nikki Bella.

The former Divas Champion was a mainstay on the WWE roster back in 2015. Back then, a GIF featuring Triple H and Nikki Bella went viral on social media. The infamous GIF showed The Game staring at Bella and was widely circulated across top social media platforms.


Interestingly, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley noticed the GIF and had quite a surprising reaction to the same on Twitter:

"Let's take a short break from #MickFoleyNight to check out @BellaTwins b**bies! Just like @TripleH- you'll LOVE 'em!"

The old tweet from Foley has now resurfaced on social media. A fan shared the screengrab of the tweet on their profile, which has received more than 80,000 views so far.

Check out the screengrab of the tweet below:

A screenshot of the fan's tweet

Fans on Twitter had a blast over the hilarious comment made by the Hardcore Legend.

Check out some of the most notable responses to the tweet below:

@Saintbetter1 Mick doesn't know that the attitude era is over
@Saintbetter1 Cactus Jack wrote that tweet…
@Saintbetter1 Mick Foley when he finds out the Attitude Era is over
@Saintbetter1 Just another reason why Mrs Foley’s baby boy is the GOAT.
@Saintbetter1 This has to be before Foley went total snowflake

Mick Foley has always been a massive Nikki Bella fan

Foley has nothing but love and respect for The Bella Twins. Back in 2013, AJ Lee cut a scathing promo on an episode of WWE RAW. The promo saw AJ taking massive shots at The Bella Twins and other Total Divas stars.

Lee's promo received huge support from the WWE Universe on social media. Mick Foley had other thoughts, though. Here's what he wrote on his blog soon after:

"Obviously, she’s a unique character and an an extremely talented wrestler. I would have really enjoyed the opportunity to see her outside the ring – to see how much aj the performer and aj the character had in common. I could completely understand any hard feelings she might harbor against the bellas in that regard. But the idea that the bellas haven’t worked for everything they’ve received is just plain wrong from this hall of famer’s perspective."

For those unaware, here's the video from where the Triple H-Nikki Bella GIF emerged:

The screengrab of Mick Foley's hilarious tweet from 2015 quickly garnered tons of views with each passing hour. One wonders what Foley himself would have to say in response to this old tweet of his.

Share your reactions to Foley's resurfaced tweet below!

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