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It was an epic segment to end RAW this week

WWE fans on Twitter go crazy after Roman Reigns references AEW in RAW segment with Cody Rhodes 

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes met for the second time in the build-up to their WrestleMania main event match, and it was as good as one would expect. There were almost zero references to Dusty Rhodes, and it was a malicious back-and-forth promo between the two superstars without outright burying each other.

Roman Reigns took the first shot as you may have guessed, and two major references sent fans spiraling. The first was Reigns referencing that Cody ran away after he couldn't deal with his Stardust character, and the second was the fact that he partly created All Elite Wrestling and ran away when it was time - referencing Cody's AEW departure in January 2022.


While Reigns didn't mention AEW by name, it was a clear dig and fans went crazy about it:

Bro @WWERomanReigns just toasted @CodyRhodes and spoke absolute facts about stardust and AEW. #WWERaw
Paul’s faces when Roman said he couldn’t get over in AEW #WWERaw
The fact that this Cody and Roman story features a series of subliminal AEW references. I love it #WWERaw
Naw, Roman did not just say Cody ran from AEW #WWERaw
Props to #WWE for not trying to bury #AEW here with this Roman Reigns & Cody Rhodes promo!

Shoutout to AEW. I like that Roman didn’t even bury them. He just mentioned them to put down Cody #WWERAW
Roman telling Cody he couldn’t get over in AEW. #WWERaw twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Roman is foul for saying that. That AEW mention..... ouch #WWERaw
Roman Reigns mentioning AEW and how Cody ran away from not being able to get over #WWERAW
I appreciate that Roman Reigns didn't bury AEW, he buried Cody Rhodes going from white hot babyface to booed so badly he had no choice but to go back to WWE.


Fans seem happy with how Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes handled the AEW reference

This was the perfect example of how to set an intense back-and-forth promo without burying anybody or anything else. Under Vince McMahon's regime, fans wouldn't be surprised to see Reigns outright burying AEW.

Instead, he simply referenced it and the fact that Cody Rhodes ran without putting AEW down at all. Cody's response to him was also great, and it was a good way to build up anticipation for the main event of WrestleMania - with the two competitors not even laying a finger on each other.

What did you think of Reigns referencing AEW? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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