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  • WWE legend could finally return after 600 days to fight CM Punk, but there is one concern according to Eric Bischoff
CM Punk cut a promo on WWE RAW

WWE legend could finally return after 600 days to fight CM Punk, but there is one concern according to Eric Bischoff

CM Punk could have many dream matches in WWE following his return, including one against a bonafide legend. Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff recently gave his take on the topic.

Rumors indicate a match between Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin may finally be plausible. It's no secret that an epic showdown between the two has existed in fantasy booking for many years.


On his Strictly Business podcast, Eric Bischoff said he would love to watch Punk vs. Austin in WWE:

"I'd be optimistic as well [about CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin happening] because I love watching Steve. I love his character. He's just an amazing performer, and he's got such a great legacy. I would love to see it. I question whether Steve's in a place physically where he wants to get in there and bounce around. Steve is also the kind of guy that doesn't want to go out there and be less than what people remember him being."

Bischoff questioned whether Steve Austin, 58, would be willing to wrestle in a high-profile WWE contest at his age:

"It's one thing to go out in a WrestleMania moment for a spot. That's not a match. I could see Steve getting physical, but a match? A 12-or-15-or-18-minute match that requires give and take? I hope Steve's physically in a place where he feels confident he wants to do that because that would be amazing, but it's been a minute. So I don't know. Hey, I hope it happens." [H/T - Fightful]

Eric Bischoff speaks on wrestling Steve Austin in WWE's past amid CM Punk rumors

Stone Cold Steve Austin last wrestled against Kevin Owens at WWE WrestleMania 38 in 2022. The bout mainly received positive reviews, even though Austin had been retired for many years before that.

In early 2003, Eric Bischoff was The Texas Rattlesnake's opponent in two matches. On Strictly Business, he explained:

"I was one of the last matches that Steve had. Without saying too much, Steve was in no position in that point in time to take any kind of a bump," said Eric Bischoff. "That's my point. Because it was a neck injury. That's a serious injury."
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With the CM Punk rumors as context, Bischoff brought up his concern for Austin's health again:

"You're talking about centimeters of something going wrong. A bump, turning your head too hard, too fast in one direction, whatever. Little things can have significant adverse outcomes. So let's just see. I'll pray for Steve's ability to do it because I think it would be so much fun to watch [the match against CM Punk]. [The program] would be awesome."

You can read about the latest on CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin here.

Who should be CM Punk's first opponent after his WWE return? Let us know in the comments section below.

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