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  • WWE legend wore the suit from his father's funeral during emotional interview with Renee Paquette
Renee looked genuinely worried for his well-being

WWE legend wore the suit from his father's funeral during emotional interview with Renee Paquette

An interesting tidbit was recently shared by Paul Heyman regarding his 2018 interview with Renee Paquette.

Heyman is considered by many as one of the greatest talkers in the wrestling business. He has also impressed many fans with his acting skills, especially with his work with The Bloodline over the past three years.


Back in 2018, Brock Lesnar attacked Paul Heyman and choked him on live TV. Soon after, The Wiseman appeared in an interview with Renee Paquette (fka Renee Young). Heyman was a mess by that point and convinced a lot of fans that he was genuinely sad over Lesnar's actions.

While talking with Rick Rubin on the Tetragrammaton podcast, Heyman revealed that he wore the suit that he wore at his father's funeral during the interview:

“I brought with me a suit and it was the suit that I wore to my father's funeral, and I had not worn the suit since. I asked them two minutes before we do this and I only want to do one take. Tell me and leave me alone. The production guy came in and he goes, 'Two minutes', and I went, 'Okay, cool. Keep Renee distracted until we're rolling and she says my name.’ I put on the suit and it crushed me because all I could think about was my father's funeral and how desperately I miss him and I loved him, and still love him." [H/T WrestlingNewsCo]


Renee Paquette looked taken aback by Heyman's demeanor

Fans who have watched the interview in question are aware that Paul Heyman did an incredible job and was pretty convincing. Paquette herself seemed taken aback by Heyman's mannerisms during the interview.

Here's what Paul Heyman said about the same:

“Three, two, one. She says, 'I'm here with', and when she says my name, I look up at her and I make direct eye contact with her and she gasps and she catches herself gasping and you see her try to get through the lines, but you see she's looking at me like, oh my God. He’s a wreck." [H/T WrestlingNewsCo]

Mere days later, Heyman and Brock Lesnar revealed that the entire fiasco was a ruse. The duo attacked Roman Reigns ahead of SummerSlam 2018. At The Biggest Party of the Summer, Reigns finally put The Beast down and ended his 504-day reign as Universal Champion.


What was your immediate reaction to Heyman's emotional interview with Renee Paquette back in 2018?

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