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  • WWE must acknowledge Asuka knowing about IYO SKY's "dark secret" from the past before cash-in, veteran says (Exclusive)
SmackDown's Asuka and IYO SKY.

WWE must acknowledge Asuka knowing about IYO SKY's "dark secret" from the past before cash-in, veteran says (Exclusive)

Most fans and pundits expect IYO SKY to eventually cash in her Money in the Bank contract on Asuka. However, Vince Russo felt it shouldn't be a run-of-the-mill moment and recently pitched an interesting storyline idea between the two talented women.

For starters, Vince Russo didn't foresee IYO SKY cashing in on Rhea Ripley as he believed the Judgment Day member was too valuable to lose her title anytime soon.


Russo then moved on to a potentially epic feud between Asuka and SKY and urged WWE to explore the shared history between the Japanese superstars. For those who aren't aware, the duo was in a stable together for an independent Japanese wrestling promotion long before they arrived in WWE.

SKY and Asuka are quite familiar with each other, and Russo said that WWE should create a scenario where The Empress of Tomorrow gets into her former partner's head by revealing a made-up secret from the past.

The former WWE writer explained:

"It has got to be Asuka. Correct me if I'm wrong, guys, but they are both from Japan, correct? Maybe there is a backstory. Now, that, to me, would be an easy backstory to create because we have no idea what happened in Japan when these girls were on the rise. This would be a perfect opportunity. Maybe IYO SKY has a dark past or a secret that Asuka knows about. This would be the perfect opportunity for a story." [7:16 - 7:46]

Vince Russo on how he would have creatively approached a rivalry between Asuka and IYO SKY

Pro wrestling fans loved well-thought-out and extended storylines, as The Bloodline saga has proven in WWE. Vince Russo stated that WWE should build a proper narrative involving Asuka and IYO SKY, which he would have done as the head writer.

Russo said he would have sat with both performers for hours to understand how they could weave an angle that stays true to their work in Japan. Vince wouldn't mind pushing the boundaries in the angle, as many fans in the United States might not even know about the connection between Asuka and SKY:

"Give us a little bit of story so we get a little bit of something with the cash in. To me, that would be the way to go. I would sit down with both of those ladies and learn about their backgrounds and just see if I can come up with something that is probably fictitious, but United States fans would not know unless they really followed their careers closely." [7:48 - 8:16]

Should SKY successfully cash in on Asuka? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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