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WWE star breaks silence following massive return after 309 days

WWE Superstar Nikkita Lyons recently broke the silence on social media following her return to the company after 309 days.

On the most recent episode of NXT, Lyons made her appearance after a long gap of almost a year. The NXT Superstar was seen sitting in the crowd for tonight's show. Lyons was on a hiatus from the Stamford-based company due to the severe injury that she had suffered during a brawl against Blair Davenport on the developmental brand.


Taking to Twitter, Lyons broke her silence as she thanked all her fans for the warm welcome. She also added how much she had missed the arena and her well-wishers.

"THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE I MISSED YOU SO MUCH #ThePounceBack #2024TheYearOfTheRoar #LyonPride," Lyons shared.

Check out Nikkita Lyons' tweet below:

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Booker T had previously praised WWE Superstar Nikkita Lyons for her performance

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T had previously heaped praise on NXT Superstar Nikkita Lyons for her in-ring performance.

While speaking in an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T had compared Lyons to that of a brick house, which cannot be taken down easily. He mentioned that although she might face some difficult days, she is not someone who can be pulled down easily.

The WWE Hall of Famer further detailed he would like to see Lyons reach the next level, where she can work with her full potential.

"Nikkita Lyons is what we used to call back in the day a brick house. You can huff and puff, but you ain't about to blow this house down. I'm serious, Nikkita Lyons definitely, I'm looking forward to being there and pushing her to that next level," Booker T said.

It would be exciting to see what plans the Stamford-based company has going forward for Lyons.

What are your thoughts on Nikkita Lyons' return? Sound off in the comments section below!

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