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Rhea Ripley takes good care of her body

WWE Superstar's 28-year-old fiance appreciates Rhea Ripley's workout video

Rhea Ripley made her much-awaited return to WWE RAW last night after a three-week-long hiatus. After her return, Mami posted a video of her working out, building her back. The video caught the eye of Samantha Irvin, who appreciated the hard work the Women's World Champion puts in.

Three weeks ago, Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez main-evented WWE RAW. The two female WWE Superstars met head-on for the Women's World Championship that Ripley retained in a match at WWE Payback.


During their match, Nia Jax made her surprise return to WWE RAW. She interrupted the championship match and attacked both competitors, injuring them in the process. Since then, Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez have been out of action and missed every episode of the red brand until last night.

On last night's episode of WWE RAW, Ripley and Rodriguez made their return to the show. In the opening segment, the Australian star attacked Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Rodriguez before taking the mic and calling out her fellow Judgment Day members.

After the show, Ripley took to her social media handle to post a video of her working on her back, with a caption that read "Mami's back!". Samantha Irvin, who is Ricochet's fiance, commented on the video commending Ripley for the hard work she puts in.

"Hi Mami cool awesome workout vid you are strong and you have a good day"
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What did Rhea Ripley say to her fellow Judgment Day members on WWE RAW?

Rhea Ripley was furious on this week's episode of WWE RAW. She held Damian Priest responsible for Finn Balor getting injured, Priest not being medically cleared to compete and Dominik Mysterio losing his North American Championship.

Priest replied that she wasn't telling him something he didn't already know, but highlighted that he still had his titles and briefcase whereas Dominik didn't. Ripley turned her sights to Dirty Dom telling him that she got him a rematch for the North American Title on NXT and that if he didn't win the title back, he shouldn't bother showing her his face.

With a few hours to go until NXT, Ripley took to X to send Dominik Mysterio a final warning ahead of his championship match.

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