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WWE Universe believes former champion went too far on RAW

WWE Universe believes former champion went too far on RAW

The WWE Universe believes that a former champion went too far with his actions on the latest episode of RAW

Drew McIntyre has wanted to get his hands on Jey Uso ever since the latter was brought to the Monday night show by Cody Rhodes after the former Bloodline member quit SmackDown. The Scottish Warrior was visibly upset with Jey joining the RAW roster, as the latter played a major role in his loss to Roman Reigns in a championship match.


The former WWE Champion even joined forces with The Judgment Day for the men's WarGames match at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023. The 38-year-old revealed that he joined the heel faction as it allowed him to brutalize Jey Uso inside the cage. Heading into the Chicago premium live event, the former Intercontinental Champion defeated "Main Event" Jey in a singles match to hand over an advantage to his team for the WarGames match.

On the November 27 edition of RAW, Seth Rollins revealed that he would defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Jey Uso. It did not go well with McIntyre, as he stated that he deserved the opportunity at the title more than the former Tag Team Champion. McIntyre attacked the champion, as Uso came to the latter's rescue.

Seth Rollins successfully defended his title against Jey Uso on the latest episode of RAW. Following the match, Drew McIntyre came out of nowhere and hit Jey with a Claymore kick. The World Heavyweight Champion tried to save the latter, but McIntyre made light work of him before putting Uso through the table.


Following RAW, WWE took to their Instagram account to ask the fans if they think that The Scottish Warrior has gone too far in his vendetta against the former Bloodline member. An overwhelming 74% of the fans who voted believe that McIntyre had indeed gone too far.

Here is a screengrab of WWE's Instagram story:

Screengrab of the Instagram story.

Vince Russo wasn't amused with McIntyre vs Zayn match during WWE RAW

On the most recent episode of WWE's Monday night show, Drew McIntyre defeated Sami Zayn in a hard-fought battle. The Scottish Warrior also attacked the latter backstage after the match.


Former Head Writer at the Stamford-based company Vince Russo was not impressed with the company's booking of the match. On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo stated that Sami Zayn has no business going 50-50 with Drew McIntyre:

"I don’t know who in that company thinks they need to protect freaking Sami Zayn. Drew McIntyre should no way in the world be going 50-50 with Zayn. That’s a joke. But somebody there, for some reason thinks, 'First of all, we gotta give him 50-50, and then we gotta give him an out because a guy twice his size couldn’t beat him.' It’s a joke. I would love to freaking know who Sami Zayn’s b*ttocks he has his head up over there at WWE. You got a guy like Drew McIntyre and you’re trying to protect Zayn. Come on, bro," Vince Russo said.

What are your thoughts on the recent actions of Drew McIntyre? Sound off in the comments section below.

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