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WWE Universe reacting to Asuka's accident

WWE Universe in splits after learning the identity of person whose car Asuka accidentally hit

Asuka had an unfortunate incident on the night of Survivor Series. On her way out of the Allstate Arena in Chicago, the former WWE Women's Champion accidentally bumped her car into one that was ahead of her. The WWE talent whose car she hit came forward on social media, and the fans have had a field day over it.

The Empress of Tomorrow had a hectic night at Survivor Series, where she and her fellow Damage CTRL members lost their WarGames match. They faced off against the team of Charlotte Flair, Shotzi, Bianca Belair, and Becky Lynch. The victorious team celebrated on the top of the steel structure after the match.

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After a hard day at work, Asuka made her way out of the stadium and was swarmed by fans. In the excitement of having her fans around her, the former WWE Women's Champion bumped her car into the one ahead of her. After learning the identity of the WWE talent in the other car, fans have taken to social media to have a good laugh about the situation.

The WWE Universe has spoken.

Who does Asuka think should be the leader of Damage CTRL?


Asuka turned on her teammates on WWE SmackDown a few weeks ago to become a part of Damage CTRL. The former WWE Women's Champion turned on Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair by spraying mist into the former's eyes to let the WWE Universe know that she had chosen Damage CTRL over the team of Flair and Belair.

On the following episode of WWE SmackDown, the Empress of Tomorrow spoke about her new team, stating that the new and improved Damage CTRL had not been formed yet. Later, Dakota Kai suggested that Bayley had to induct Asuka into the stable for her to officially become a part of it.

After the alliance, a fan's artwork on social media caught her eye. She replied to the fan's work, saying that she should be in the center because she should be the leader.


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