Renee Paquette was the latest guest on Insight with Chris Van Vliet

"You cannot call your show that!" - Renee Paquette on the reaction to the name of her podcast

Levi Grayshon
Modified 19 Jan 2021

On the most recent episode of the popular podcast, Insight with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE commentator and presenter Renee Paquette opened up about a lot of things, including her pregnancy and her time in WWE.

Renee Paquette also discussed how she has recently dipped her toes into the world of podcasting with her own show, Oral Sessions. Oral Sessions started towards the end of 2020 and has already been host to many high-profile guests, including CM Punk, Eddie Kingston, and Paquette's husband, AEW star Jon Moxley.


When talking to Chris Van Vliet, Paquette spoke about how she got started with her podcast. She said:

"It's just me talking and having conversations with people. There's no catch to it, there's no gimmicky thing about it. It's just conversation."

Paquette then continued, talking about how she settled on a name for her new venture:

"Oral obviously comes to mind when you're thinking about talking. I was just thinking, of like, you know, of taking an oral test or something like that."

While talking more about how she settled on a name for her podcast, Renee Paquette carried on and delved into what her friends had to say about the name Oral Sessions:

"I was like, oh, Oral Sessions. I bounced it of a few people and they were like 'you cannot call your show that'"


Renee Paquette is currently expecting her first child

It was revealed on an episode of AEW back in November 2020 that Renee Paquette is expecting her first child with her husband of almost four years, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

Renee Paquette later revealed that their baby would be a girl through her Instagram account, where she has also been showing off her growing baby bump.

Published 19 Jan 2021, 23:24 IST
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