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  • Nick Aldis to allow 6-time world champion to appear on WWE SmackDown for an emotional segment? Exploring the chances of it happening
WWE Nick Aldis could spice things up on WWE SmackDown this week

Nick Aldis to allow 6-time world champion to appear on WWE SmackDown for an emotional segment? Exploring the chances of it happening

WWE SmackDown could see a major segment on the show this week. Nick Aldis, since taking over as the GM of the Blue Brand, has been very firm in the way he runs his show. However, he could do something he hasn't done yet since taking the reigns on WWE SmackDown.

Aldis has always been protective of his brand and has never allowed RAW's superstars to be anywhere around it. He even fined Jey Uso once for appearing on the show without permission. However, this week, he could make an exception.


Leading up to Survivor Series, we saw RAW's Becky Lynch join Team Belair for WarGames. We also saw Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair mend their friendship. This week on WWE SmackDown, Becky Lynch could be on the blue brand for a heartfelt promo segment with Charlotte.

Aldis may have only allowed her to be on the show for the Survivor Series build, but he could make an exception this week, as a segment between the two superstars will surely gain high ratings for his show.


For those who don't know, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have had their share of problems over the years. These problems were reportedly not just a storyline and had a lot of personal elements. Their rivalry during Survivor Stories 2021 was an on-screen depiction of their off-screen issues.

Roman Reigns to grace WWE SmackDown soon


Since his Crown Jewel's victory, we haven't seen The Tribal Chief on TV. Now, we have an update for all those who acknowledge The Tribal Chief. The Undisputed Champion will be live on 12/15/23 in Green Bay, WI, 1/5/24 in Vancouver, BC, and 1/19/24 in Atlanta, GA.

According to WrestleTix, the WWE SmackDown event scheduled for December 15 has only 939 available tickets for this event, with a total capacity of 5,746 seats. Interestingly, they are bringing in The Tribal Chief for that event. The modern-day G.O.A.T. usually appears at shows with a larger audience.

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The future looks exciting for Roman Reigns' storylines. With the return of CM Punk and Randy Orton, the range of feuds possible for Reigns is nothing short of magnificent. The Viper already made his intentions clear on RAW this past Monday, stating he wants to settle the scores with The Bloodline. Randy Orton will also be there on SmackDown this Friday.

Are you excited to see Roman Reigns return to SmackDown? Sound off in the comments section below!

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