Why did Kevin Owens turn on The New Day?

Opinion: Kevin Owens turning on The New Day was genius!

  • Weren't expecting that. Were you?
Brian Thornsburg
Modified 24 Apr 2019, 09:45 IST

Kevin Owens joined The New Day last week on Smackdown Live and while some fans were probably expecting the partnership to last for a while, it came to an abrupt end when Owens attacked Kofi Kingston during the closing moments of this week's show. With that being said and the partnership not lasting long, one has to wonder why this is the case.

While Kevin Owens joining The New Day in the first place wasn't the most interesting thing the WWE had going for, it still had a lot of potential that is now gone thanks to the abrupt end. Interestingly enough, that doesn't appear to be such a bad thing when you think about Kingston needing an opponent and Owens looking corny as a New Day member.


Think about it! WWE could only have kept this going for so long before Kevin Owens betrayed the group and doing it now saves both sides a lot of time. It also saves Owens from diminishing his credibility as a corny looking babyface, which will definitely be a benefit to him as time goes on.

This new storyline development also gives WWE a new opponent for Kingston out of nowhere and makes it semi-personal heading into Money In The Bank. Again, it's not the Styles versus Rollins dream match that will be the main event for the Raw brand at Money in the Bank, but it's a serviceable stopgap, puts Owens in a prominent spot and doesn't diminish him in the meantime

Face it! Kevin Owens is a heel through and through and that is exactly what WWE needs to keep him as. Furthermore, despite the timing seeming a little off when it comes to decision, especially with Big E still out, it's the perfect way to anger The WWE Universe immediately and makes Owens the de facto heel.

Finally and maybe most importantly of all, it keeps Roman Reigns out of the WWE Title picture for the time being, which fans will most likely be happy about. They will also probably be happy that Owens can go back to his Kevin Owens show gimmick and maybe even expand on the idea from there.

In the end, it wasn't the perfect decision and it's definitely going to have its detractors that say it all happened too soon, but if you look at what the alternatives were to doing this, you quickly realize that this was best for business. You also realize that both sides have bigger opportunities ahead of them due to this decision and the swerve was the perfect way to make Smackdown Live have an impact immediately!

Published 24 Apr 2019, 09:45 IST