Roman Reigns is the current Universal Champion

Opinion: Reason why Roman Reigns must never turn heel

  • This is good news for the Roman Reigns fan base.
Israel Lutete

Current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is one of the most talked about superstars of this era. Whether he is being praised or panned by critics, he is the subject of almost everything that happens on Raw each week.

Several WWE legends, fans and critics have called for Reigns to turn heel, but this might not happen anytime soon. Reigns is one of the biggest babyfaces in WWE right now, and has headlined most (if not every) PPVs in WWE this year. Reigns is a three time WWE Champion, and has main evented WrestleMania four times in a row.


Reigns is heavily pushed by WWE executives as the next face of the company. Although most fans are against this idea, WWE is a global brand and Reigns has a very strong fan base in other continents such as Africa, Asia and the middle east.

Just like John Cena, it is a bad idea for Roman to turn heel because it will hurt children the most, especially since they still believe that all this is real. Reigns is loved by kids around the world, and if he had to turn heel, it would be like Superman turning into a villain.

Many people, especially in India, view Reigns as a hero. He is loved so much that he has a hotel named after him in India. Reigns overtook John Cena as the top merchandise seller in WWE. No matter how many times he gets booed, he is on his way to becoming WWE's next top superstar.

Just because the Universal Champion is booed in the US doesn't mean that he also gets booed everywhere else he goes. Reigns is good at portraying a face, so things should stay this way for him.

According to Wrestling Inc., Roman Reigns conducted a media scrum during the WWE tour in Europe a while ago. ESPN published more content about Reigns' response on if he should turn heel.

"It's a weird question because aren't I already a heel? If I garner that reaction, what's the point? It's already happening. If I'm already being booed, then why try to get booed?"
I have a great opportunity because I'm a grey-area guy -- to do a little bit of everything. I'm in a good place to do whatever I want and just play with this character and not just be a heel or a face -- I feel my character can be so much more than that."

Reigns is happy playing a face on TV, and he believes that he will still get the same negative reactions from fans if he turns heel.

As we reported over a month ago, Reigns himself stated in an interview with Pro Wrestling Shoots that he is happy with his current situation as a face, and he doesn’t feel angry when he receives negative reactions from the crowd. He also stated that whatever his character is doing right now seems to be working. All this proves Reigns must never turn heel.

Published 28 Aug 2018, 11:00 IST