Roman Reigns should replace Kofi Kingston as the face of Smackdown Live.

Opinion: Roman Reigns must win the WWE Championship soon

  • 'KofiMania' was brilliant but now it's time for Roman Reigns to get back on top!
Ali Siddiqui
Modified 02 May 2019, 19:30 IST

Roman Reigns shocked the WWE Universe two weeks ago when he announced himself as the newest member of SmackDown Live roster. The move was quite shocking as Reigns has been the company's "Top Guy" since 2015 and not having him on Raw would be quite strange.

However, the move might have been due to Smackdown Live moving to Fox this fall. Reigns has the capability to draw in a large audience. He is also among the top merchandise sellers in the company. When we consider these points, the move actually makes sense.


As you all should know, Fox is a major TV network. It has reportedly demanded Smackdown Live to lure in at least 3.3 million viewers every week. This is quite a huge number as SmackDown Live is currently lurking around a rating of 2.0. This week, the show roped in just 1.83 million viewers, setting a new low.

It remains to be seen how WWE manages to turn things around with less than 6 months remaining until the move. One of the main issues with the full-time Superstars today is that they lack the ability to sell a show. This might be due to them not being build up as credible athletes or any other reasons. However, the fact that SmackDown Live is now having a hard time averaging 2 million viewers per week is quite concerning.

Kofi Kingston as the WWE Champion isn't helping in getting the ratings higher.

It clearly means that Kofi Kingston as the brand's top champion isn't bankable enough. Although KofiMania was an emotional journey, both for Kofi as well as the WWE fans, the follow-up hasn't been that captivating so far. Thus, it's time for him to step down the throne. But the question is, who has the required star-power to turn things around for good.

The answer to this question is Roman Reigns. You might agree or disagree with it but Reigns is the only saving grace for Smackdown Live when it comes to TV ratings. Getting a rating of over 3.3 on a weekly basis means getting a hold of casual fans. The Big Dog is all set to make his Hollywood debut in Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham-starrer Hobbs and Shaw. It's possibly the best time for WWE to attract casual fans

Moreover, the number of views on Youtube videos featuring Reigns is another reason why he is the perfect candidate to lead the Blue brand.

As of now, Reigns is feuding with Shane McMahon and Elias. While it's a decent rivalry, it shouldn't keep the Big Dog occupied for long and he should find his way into the WWE Title picture by Summerslam.

In the absence of part-timers like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and The Undertaker, there is nobody who can turn the ratings game around, except for Roman Reigns.

Published 02 May 2019, 19:30 IST