You are lying if you say you did not enjoy R-Truth's segments on SmackDown Live

Opinion: Why R-Truth should not lose the 24/7 Championship until WWE Super ShowDown

  • Many hilarious things transpired on SmackDown Live thanks to our 24/7 champion, R-Truth.
Vinay Chhabria
Modified 22 May 2019, 22:58 IST

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The 24/7 Championship has quickly become the talk of the town because 3 superstars have already won the championship in its 2-day existence. Titus O'Neil won the 24/7 Title first before he lost it to Robert Roode. The Glorious One could not hold the belt even till the end of RAW as SmackDown's R-Truth captured it to take it to Tuesday night.


A flurry of hilarious things transpired on SmackDown Live thanks to the 24/7 champion. First, we saw Drake Maverick sticking R-Truth's posters everywhere and then Carmella came up with some creative ideas to protect R-Truth's title.

She transformed R-Truth into a female and took her to ringside where even Mandy Rose could not recognize him. (Mandy's expressions were pure gold)

The match between Carmella and Rose did not produce any result as the entire lower mid-card of SmackDown tried their best to take the title. They even ran behind Truth and Carmella but luckily the former United States Champion managed to escape with his 24/7 Title.

There have been multiple female superstars placing their bids on social media to win the 24/7 Title from R-Truth which has confused the WWE Universe a bit.

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Nevertheless, Truth will stay champion at least till next Monday (in case he does not appear on NXT) and he will definitely be one of the 4 wild cards to appear on RAW. The chances of Truth losing the 24/7 title in the coming episodes are very high because WWE has introduced the title for the sole purpose.


But, they can raise the prestige of this new championship by having R-Truth holding the championship until WWE Super ShowDown and then they can convert the 50-man battle royal into a 24/7 championship match.

The writers can show that Truth manages to escape with the title every now and then and thus, The Authority decides to force the champion to put his championship on the line against 49 other men.

The 50-man battle royal match is going to be fun to watch but right now it is a meaningless match. WWE can spice up the things by adding some storyline to it and also adding a reward to it.

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Published 22 May 2019, 22:58 IST