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  • Predicting who else will be added to the WWE Hall of Fame 2023: Female star, 73-year-old veteran
WWE Hall of Fame 2023 currently has three inductees

Predicting who else will be added to the WWE Hall of Fame 2023: Female star, 73-year-old veteran

The WWE Hall of Fame 2023 induction ceremony will be held following SmackDown on March 31 at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California. Fans are anticipating some huge names to be recognized for their work and efforts in the world of wrestling.

As of now, three legends are going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2023. 15-time champion Rey Mysterio was the first inductee to be announced on WWE's official Twitter handle on March 11. He was followed by Japanese wrestling legend The Great Muta on March 15 and inductee Andy Kaufman on March 20.


Given that the upcoming SmackDown show is approaching soon, a few more names could be added to the legendary list. Rumors suggest former WWE star Stacy Keibler is next. Referees Charles Robinson and/or Earl Hebner are also being backed for a Hall of Fame induction.

Stacy Keibler began her wrestling journey as a part of the WCW Nitro Girls in 1999 before joining WWE two years later. She played various side roles, from being the secretary to Vince McMahon to managing Test and Randy Orton. The deal to bring back Keibler for a WWE Hall of Fame 2023 induction is reportedly 99 percent done.

There have also been reports of talks of a veteran referee being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2023. Although the name wasn't mentioned, fans have been speculating it to be 73-year-old Earl Hebner. Another name that has been doing the rounds is veteran referee Charles Robinson.


Konnan could induct Rey Mysterio into the WWE Hall of Fame 2023

WCW legend Konnan is a close friend of Rey Mysterio. Both were the cornerstones of WCW at one point in time. It was reported that the legend could be present to give Mysterio a legendary status in WWE and his latest claims backs the possibility.

During an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, Konnan claimed that Mysterio wanted the veteran to induct him into the Hall of Fame and that he is still negotiating with WWE.

“I would be very disappointed if it wasn’t me, but Rey has asked me, and so we’re still negotiating,” Konnan said. “Until they officially announce it, I really can’t say anything on it, but I have been contacted." [H/T WrestleZone]
Rey Mysterio Kidman & Konnan really was thuggin in WCW

WWE hasn't officially confirmed Konnan's arrival on March 31. Nonetheless, it would be surreal to see the legends together after such a long time.

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