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  • Rey Mysterio's former rival to make WWE return after 3 years and align with Santos Escobar? Exploring the possibility
Rey Mysterio may in for a difficult time ahead

Rey Mysterio's former rival to make WWE return after 3 years and align with Santos Escobar? Exploring the possibility

Rey Mysterio could see a former rival return to WWE and side with Santos Escobar on WWE SmackDown. The problems for the Biggest Little Man don't seem likely to stop anytime soon.

Close to a month ago, Escobar turned on Mysterio after he felt that the legend prioritized Carlito over him despite his loyalty. He ended up injuring the knee of the Hall of Famer, putting him out of action.


As far as numbers are concerned, Rey Mysterio has a huge advantage. The former US Champion has the LWO, Carlito, and Dragon Lee on his side, while Escobar has no one yet. However, he could find an ally in one of Mysterio's old rivals.

Andrade el Idolo, then known as Andrade Almas, was an upcoming superstar in the late 2010s. However, due to multiple reasons, he left the company and joined rivals AEW.

Andrade's AEW contract is reportedly going to run out in 2024. As of now, it's rumored that Andrade is not signing a new contract with AEW. The possibility for him to return to WWE could be high. It would be interesting from two points of view. One is his rivalry with Rey Mysterio, which could be rekindled. Secondly, this rivalry would put the current AEW star on the opposite side of his former manager, Zelina Vega, who is currently in the Hall of Famer's corner.

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Many superstars who left WWE over the years due to their differences with Creative and Vince McMahon are joining back. This is all because of the way Triple H runs creative nowadays. They seemingly trust their careers are safe in The Game's hands.


WWE SmackDown Superstar Randy Orton wanted to make Rey Mysterio proud

Rey Mysterio has had one of the careers not many could think of achieving. He carved a niche of his own and made a legendary career as a little man in an industry dominated by large men. Not only are his fans and family proud of him, but so are his co-workers.

Speaking on the Impaulsive podcast, Randy Orton spoke about how proud he was of Rey Mysterio. The Viper wrestled his first singles match in about two years against Rey's son, Dominik. He claimed on the podcast that he wanted to make Rey proud by putting up a great match against Dominik. He remembered his early career days and how Rey took care of him.

"Rey, you met Rey. Rey is probably the only guy back there that’s friendlier than Omos. Rey took care of me back in the day and for me, I wrestled Dom last [Monday] night on RAW, I don’t know if you guys saw it or not. But it was such a pleasure to be out there with him and to be out there knowing, ‘Oh my god, I know your dad’s at home watching, I wanna make your dad proud.'" (H/T WrestleZone)

The greatest luchador is now towards the end of his career. We hope he can continue for as long as he can and entertain all of us.

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