Rhea Ripley could return to Australia for Elimination Chamber 2024

Rhea Ripley vs. The World: 4 opponents for her at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 in Australia

It was recently announced that WWE will return to Australia for the Elimination Chamber event, and Rhea Ripley's presence will surely be felt. The Australian star is the current Women's World Champion, and if she retains this status until February 24, 2024, she could be the biggest target inside the chamber.

For this list, we will look at four possible superstars The Eradicator could face at next year's Premium Live Event in Australia.


#4. Rhea Ripley could face a fellow Australian


The Stamford-based promotion is filled with talented superstars from all over the globe, and Australia is just one of the places they have talents from. Aside from Ripley, there is also Indi Hartwell.

Indi is one of the call-ups from NXT this year, and this came after she won the brand's championship. She is a fan favorite, an incredible performer, and has proven worthy of a shot for the gold.


#3. Emma could also perform in her home country

Another female superstar that is from Australia is one of Triple H's rehires from last year, Emma. Although the 34-year-old has not been pushed since her return, that might change as the February 2024 Premium Live Event grows near.


It was recently reported that Australian stars will be pushed in the lead-up to Elimination Chamber, and Emma could be one of them. The RAW star has proven her tough side in the past, which she can elevate as the event grows near.

#2. Rhea Ripley has already met her new rival on Monday Night RAW


On a previous episode of Monday Night RAW, Rhea defeated Raquel Rodriguez to defend her title successfully. However, the night ended in havoc for both women as a returning Nia Jax attacked them.

The Irresistible Force has previously expressed her desire to face Rhea in WWE before the former returned, and she has already made sure to go down this path. She even attacked several female stars on the recent RAW to prove her dominance.

It would be unsurprising if The Eradicator wanted to take revenge, which spawned for months. Both women could face each other at the Elimination Chamber before finally meeting in a singles match.

#1. Rhea Ripley has unfinished business with Liv Morgan


One of the recent rivals The Judgment Day members had with is Raquel Rodriguez, who was absent for a while after an attack from Ripley. Both women also have another connection with Liv Morgan, the former partner of Rhea and the current of Rodriguez.

Morgan has been on a WWE hiatus after losing the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, which Rhea Ripley has played a role in. When she returns, she could immediately take her revenge on the current champion, especially after defeating Raquel on multiple occasions.

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