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  • Roman Reigns' AEW shots could lead to another massive wrestler jumping to WWE
Cody Rhodes (left); Roman Reigns (right)

Roman Reigns' AEW shots could lead to another massive wrestler jumping to WWE

Roman Reigns' AEW jibe at Cody Rhodes on tonight's RAW could lead to another big star making his way to WWE.

The Tribal Chief was firing on all cylinders on this week's RAW when he came face-to-face with Cody Rhodes, his WrestleMania 39 opponent. Reigns took several shots at Rhodes, but the one that stuck out was him telling Cody that he couldn't get over in AEW.


Not long ago, reports stated that WWE was interested in signing AEW's top star, Kenny Omega. Soon after, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Omega's contract had been extended to make up for the time lost due to his injuries.

Around the same time, Wade Keller of PWTorch reported that Omega was "open-minded" about a WWE move.

"I haven't independently verified rumours of WWE being interested in Omega. I have confirmed they're aware of Omega's open-mindedness to come to WWE'. That's what I've been told, that he's open-minded to landing in WWE before his career is over. The attitude is not 'I love AEW, I'm gonna stay here forever.'" [H/T Daily Mail]
Undisputed WWE Universal Champion @WWERomanReigns is NOT holding back on the !


Judging by these reports, a potential Kenny Omega move to WWE in the distant future doesn't seem like a far-fetched idea. Unlike Cody Rhodes, Omega has tasted world title gold in AEW and is a former AEW World Heavyweight Champion.


Roman Reigns' line could be used in a potential feud with Kenny Omega down the line

Roman Reigns made it known that Cody Rhodes couldn't get over in All Elite Wrestling.

If Omega does end up making his way to WWE somewhere down the line and feuds with Reigns, tonight's promo will come in handy.

Omega could confront Reigns and let him know that, unlike Rhodes, he got over big time in front of AEW fans. An intense verbal back-and-forth between Reigns and Omega would make for some intriguing television.

Do you think Kenny Omega will ever leave AEW and jump ship to WWE? Do you consider Roman Reigns vs. Kenny Omega a dream encounter?

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