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CM Punk and Roman Reigns might have something to do with each other

Roman Reigns to punish Bloodline member for CM Punk's actions after return to WWE? Exploring the possibility

CM Punk is back in WWE, and not everyone will be too happy about it, including the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The star has beaten almost everyone who has confronted him and has few people at the top level of the company he has not already overcome. Now, though, he has a new challenge in front of him, and he might choose to blame a Bloodline member for the same.

Paul Heyman may be in trouble.


At WWE Survivor Series, CM Punk returned to the company. On the latest episode of RAW, he spoke about why he was back and said that he was "home," but also talked about a "Wiseman" who had given him advice.

He talked about a Wiseman who told him that he had to leave WWE and return to get what he needed. He said that the man was right.

"A WISEMAN told me that for me to get everything I need out of this place I'd have to leave and come back. Hate to say the WISEMAN was right."
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Paul Heyman has been known as The Wiseman in WWE since joining The Bloodline and is also a known mentor to CM Punk. He has previously helped Punk, both in real life and on screen. The legend has been attached to Roman Reigns and has helped him rule over SmackDown with his iron fist.


Reigns is known to be jealous and has not approved of Heyman interacting with his previous clients. In fact, he attacked him over his involvement with Brock Lesnar previously. Hearing that Heyman's advice helped bring Punk back to the company, Reigns will be furious.

The Tribal Chief does not share his toys... or his minions. The green-eyed monster of jealousy might strike at Roman Reigns, which might not be the best thing for Paul Heyman.

Reigns going after Heyman and punishing him for Punk's return might be cruel, but also is far from out of the question. After Punk's comments on RAW, it's very likely. He might choose to punish Heyman, but what form that punishment will take remains to be seen.


Will Roman Reigns and CM Punk face each other in WWE?

Whether CM Punk and Roman Reigns will be actual rivals or not remains to be seen, given they appear to be on opposing brands at the moment. However, given the number of rivals that Reigns has already defeated and the personalities of the two stars, a future clash seems inevitable.

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Whether through a match against each other next year or even through Punk winning the Royal Rumble, a clash is possible. For now, though, WWE appears to be dropping hints that CM Punk and Seth Rollins will find themselves at odds with each other.

The next few months should make things a lot clearer.

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