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Roman Reigns could be taken off WWE TV again

Roman Reigns to be written off TV immediately after 1-month absence? Exploring the possibility

Roman Reigns is going to return to WWE SmackDown soon. The Tribal Chief was last seen at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, where he successfully defended his undisputed championship against LA Knight. The Champ is returning after a long month away, but his comeback could be short-lived.

Since becoming The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns has broken a lot of records and created a lot of top moments. However, during his journey to the top, he also made a lot of enemies. It is safe to say more than half the roster wants revenge against Reigns and The Bloodline.


Superstars like Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, LA Knight, and several more have scores to settle with The Head of The Table. One of the men who most badly wants his revenge is Randy Orton. The Bloodline put him out of action for almost two years.

Last week, The Viper exclusively signed with WWE SmackDown after being told by Nick Aldis he would be given the chance to confront the faction that took him out. Without a doubt, Orton signed on the dotted line.

Next week on WWE SmackDown, Randy Orton could take out Roman Reigns with a savage beatdown, taking him out of action for another few weeks. We could then see Orton and The Bloodline going back and forth.

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With a couple of weeks remaining before the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns could return, setting up their Championship match at the Premium Live Event. With their star power, the two superstars could provide a major match for the show ahead of the Royal Rumble match itself.


WWE Superstar claims CM Punk is as big as Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the biggest attraction of the current generation. He has resurrected many people's interest in the product and is breaking records by the day. The company has been raking in huge revenues during his time as the face of the promotion. However, one WWE Superstar believes CM Punk is as big of a star as him.

Speaking on WWE's YouTube show The Bump, Jey Uso claimed indirectly that Punk is as big as Reigns. He stated that Punk is on "Tribal Chief" status.

"If we gonna be honest, he’s a Superstar, first and foremost. People talk about him, and if it got anything to do with wrestling, his name’s in it. He’s like on some Tribal Chief status, Uce. He’s top guy regardless of whatever’s going on." (H/T - Cageside Seats)
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This is a bold statement by the former Bloodline member. CM Punk is surely one of the biggest superstars in the wrestling industry, and the social media numbers on his return are living proof. However, Roman Reigns has been a phenomenon for the last three years.

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