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Former WWE Champion is now considered a free agent

Returning WWE Superstar now considered a free agent - reports

A recently returned WWE Superstar is reportedly considered a free agent.

The name in question is CM Punk, who recently returned to the WWE after almost a decade. The former AEW star entered the Allstate Arena in Chicago to thunderous applause after the Men's WarGames Match at the premium live event.


Following his return at the premium live event in his hometown, Punk showed up on this week's RAW in Nashville to greet the audience and let everyone know he was officially back in the Stamford-based company.

According to recent reports from PWInsider, CM Punk is currently a free agent within the company. The Best in the World has not been assigned any brand as of now. It implies that Punk can show up on any of the brands.

"CM Punk doesn't have a brand. Internally on the WWE roster, Punk is listed as a 'free agent', which would mean Punk can pop up on any of the brands, " PWInsider reported.
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Interestingly, the other major superstar who returned at the Chicago premium live event, Randy Orton, is also a free agent.


The Viper is scheduled to appear on the upcoming episode of SmackDown in Brooklyn, New York, after defeating Dominik Mysterio on RAW. Punk, however, is not scheduled to appear on that show.

Dutch Mantell on how CM Punk's return to WWE will affect AEW

Legendary wrestling manager and booker Dutch Mantell recently shared his views on how the ratings will be affected following Punk's shocking return to the Stamford-based company.

On a recent edition of Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the veteran talked about the Best in the World's WWE return. The 73-year-old believes that the difference in television ratings between the two companies would increase further.


Mantell stated that a massive fraction of wrestling fans would be interested in witnessing WWE's plans for the recently returned superstar. He further stated that AEW was not able to get the most out of the former world champion during his run with the company.

"I think they'll see a big difference because the majority of the fans, I think they want Punk there just to see what he's going to do because what he did in AEW, it wasn't anything really. It wasn't anything to write home about. So I think they're seeing what the top company can do with this guy and see if they involve some of his past and bring it back home," Dutch Mantell said.

What are your thoughts on Dutch Mantell's assessment of the situation? Sound off in the comments section below.

Former WWE writer responds to Dave Meltzer's comments HERE


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