Jeff Hardy

Rumored future plans for Jeff Hardy revealed

  • Reason why Jeff Hardy lost to Sheamus at Backlash revealed
  • Jeff Hardy is a former multi-time World Champion in WWE
Shiven Sachdeva
Modified 02 Jul 2020, 23:01 IST

Jeff Hardy has been embroiled in a bitter rivalry with Sheamus ever since he returned to action this year. The feud between the two former WWE Champions has seen a lot of twists and turns including some very controversial segments.

Given the time and effort WWE has invested in this feud, don't think that their match at Backlash was the end of their program. Dave Meltzer of The Observer reported on WON that the feud between the two men is likely to continue for now.


He also talks about what the future may hold for the RAW Tag-Team Champions The Street Profits as well as other feuds on RAW that are likely to get a match soon.

With Jeff Hardy having lost to Sheamus at Backlash, and that program having a lot of time devoted to it on Smackdown, a rematch makes sense. The Raw tag title destination is The Street Profits vs. Andrade & Angel Garza, and there is also Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio and Orton vs. Big Show in some form.

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus' program started when Sheamus started taking offense to the SmackDown announcers running vignettes ahead of Hardy's return to the blue brand. The rivalry took a drastic turn when Sheamus tried to frame Jeff Hardy for a hit and run accident. Not just that, The Celtic Warrior made The Enigma Jeff Hardy take a drug test inside the ring.

While many fans and critics have found the feud to be very controversial due to it hitting too close to Jeff Hardy's real-life problems, it is safe to say that the feud has been a hit with the audience.

The reason behind Jeff Hardy losing at Backlash

Though many believed that Jeff hardy will finally get vengeance against Sheamus during their match at Backlash it was the former WWE Champion Sheamus who picked up the win.

Though some reports suggested that WWE is trying to bury Jeff Hardy before his contract is up and he leaves for AEW, that may not be the case. The likely reason behind Sheamus' win at Backlash was merely to prolong the feud between the two men.

Published 02 Jul 2020, 23:01 IST