Fans have booed MSK ever since their debut
Fans have booed MSK ever since their debut

Details On NXT Fans Attempting To Sabotage MSK- Reports

Vivek Sharma

WWE NXT Tag Team champions MSK have been recipients of negative reactions from NXT fans ever since their debut on the black and gold brand in January.

According to a recent Reddit post that has been trending on social media, the reason the current NXT Tag Team Champions were getting such a hostile reaction was due to a tweet that Nash Carter, one-half of MSK, had made in 2018 criticizing a spot that included a 13-year old Izzy taking a choke-slam at an Independent wrestling show.


Izzy is famous amongst the WWE universe as the Bayley fan that Sasha Banks made cry during the Banks-Bayley 30-Minute Ironman match at the NXT Takeover: Respect. Izzy, along with her parents, has been a very prominent figure in the NXT community for years. The post alleges that Izzy’s parents held a grudge against Carter and got a group of very vocal NXT fans to boo the team mercilessly whenever they would appear.

For years, NXT fans have been lauded as the most loyal, the hottest and arguably the best in wrestling. It's a real shame a portion of said fans have unfairly decided to crap on MSK. They deserve better.
4:42 AM · Oct 24, 2021

One source even said that they had overheard a member of the group, that was not the teen or her parents, suggest that they should chant “Your dad’s dead” to Carter after the NXT superstar posted about his father's death anniversary on social media.

NXT officials were reportedly notified of the comment by a nearby audience member.

However, it seems like MSK were not the only people who had to suffer from this targeted hatred as former NXT and current Impact Wrestling star Chelsea Green confirming recently that she had suffered the same treatment from fans.

@FLWrestlingFan Lol yes, it did actually. Numerous times. It sucked!
10:20 AM · Oct 21, 2021

Green also criticized the choke-slam spot on social media, along with many others in the wrestling profession such as Lance Storm, Lince Dorado, and Matt Cardona.

MSK to defend NXT Tag Team Titles on Halloween Havoc

MSK have been on an unstoppable run ever since their debut on the WWE's third brand a few months ago. MSK is currently in the midst of a little over 200 days reign as the NXT Tag Team Champions.

However, this can change this coming Wednesday as MSK put their titles on the line against Imperium in a special halloween themed episode of NXT. The match between MSK and Imperium will be a 'Spin the wheel, Make a deal' gimmick match where a wheel will decide the stipulations of the match.


NXT: Halloween Havoc will also feature three other title matches and looks set to be an all-time classic.

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