Matt Riddle, Vince McMahon and Triple H.

WWE reportedly feels Matt Riddle needs a 'guiding hand' on SmackDown

  • WWE may want someone alongside Matt Riddle to keep him in line.
  • Kurt Angle has already turned down the offer to manager Matt Riddle. Could WWE get someone else?
Lennard Surrao
Modified 07 Jun 2020, 05:27 IST

Matt Riddle was recently announced as the newest member of the SmackDown roster, and there is a considerable amount of hype surrounding the King of Bros' prospects on the Blue Brand.

Kurt Angle revealed in a recent interview that he was offered the chance to become Matt Riddle's manager, but the WWE Hall of Famer turned down the proposal. Matt Riddle also reacted to Kurt Angle's rejecting the offer.


The story, however, has brought up the possibility of WWE wanting Matt Riddle to have a manager. Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue revealed on the recent edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast that there is a feeling in the WWE that Matt Riddle may need a 'guiding hand.' That is one of the reasons why WWE attempted to get Kurt Angle on board as a manager.

WWE wants a manager to keep Matt Riddle in line

The idea to get a manager for Riddle was to have someone who could keep the former NXT Superstar in line while also guide him as he moves to the next level in his career. Riddle was never meant to be in NXT for a long time, but the changing circumstances led to an extended stay in the Black and Gold brand. Riddle's highly-publicized incidents with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg have not helped his reputation either.

Tom explained the following:

Riddle's story is a bit of an odd one. He was never meant to be in NXT for very long but he was kept there because he kept getting hit when he encountered a Goldberg or a Lesnar, which unfortunately has annoyed a lot of talent.
So the idea of a manager was more to have someone keeping him in line and guiding him, similar to the way MVP and Seth Rollins are working on RAW at the moment. Bringing in fresh talent and sort of guiding them in the right direction,
There is a feeling now on the main roster that Matt Riddle needs a bit of a guiding hand.

As Kurt Angle turned down the offer, Tom Colohue was asked if he sees Riddle getting paired up with another Superstar or veteran. Tom opined that while there are many options, he sees Matt Riddle riding solo for the foreseeable future.

Published 07 Jun 2020, 05:27 IST