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WWE's Sarah Logan (left); Independent star Max The Impaler (right)

Sarah Logan's return and 3 times WWE Superstars were accused of stealing a look

Sarah Logan returned to WWE on SmackDown, making her the latest talent laid off by Vince McMahon to return under Triple H. She aligned herself with Ivar and real-life husband Erik as the Viking Raiders' new partner. Her return was well received by fans, who cited the fact that she added a menace to the duo that has been missing since their NXT days.

Her look also kicked up an online storm, with many fans comparing it to independent star Max The Impaler. From facepaint to attire, many undeniable similarities can be seen between the two characters' presentations.


However, they are not identical, and seem to pick inspiration from two similar-looking but vastly different sources. While The Impaler is a Mad Max tribute act, Logan's look seems to be inspired by witches from Norse mythology.

Look, I absolutely love Sarah Logan but her new look makes me think of if you wanted Max the Impaler but instead you got the Wish version.

While the debate rages on about whether Logan copied Max The Impaler's look, let's remind ourselves of three other times WWE Superstars were accused of stealing a look.


#3: NXT Superstar Axiom

"Mom, can we get some Razerwyng?"

"We have Razerwyng at home."


When Axiom, formerly known as A-Kid in NXT UK, arrived in NXT 2.0 in July 2022, fans of WWE's developmental brand were excited. A comic book-inspired character had not been seen on the brand, let alone in the company, for a very long time, so the gimmick felt fresh. His arrival was teased for weeks through vignettes and his debut showed his almost superhuman in-ring agility.

However, a section of fans online were less than pleased with his look, which closely resembled Indy star Razerwyng's attire. Not only do the two stars don similar costumes and masks, but they also share a similar color theme.

Razerwyng commented on the similarities by tweeting a side-by-side photo comparison and later revealing that Axiom had privately let him know that he too saw the parallels.


Neither star has changed their look, and WWE did not face any legal action, so this comparison is likely to go on for a while. In the meantime, both stars continue to beat their own paths in their respective careers.

#2: Carmella was accused of copying fellow WWE Superstar Liv Morgan's real-life character

Carmella debuted in WWE as the "Princess of Staten Island". Her gimmick was quite successful, seeing her become the first-ever Ms. Money In The Bank, and eventually a SmackDown Women's Champion. Her gimmick, however, reportedly caused friction between her and real-life Staten Island native Liv Morgan.

Former WWE star Enzo Amore, Mella's stablemate in NXT and Morgan's former real-life partner, stated that Carmella borrowed aspects of her character and look from Liv's real self. This allegedly made Morgan uneasy due to her intense pride in her upbringing and the fact that Carmella was from Massachusetts.


However, it all eventually blew over as Mella excelled in the role and Morgan also got called up to the main roster and found success.

#1: The Judgment Day once stood accused of copying AEW's House Of Black


The Judgment Day had a rough start in WWE. Debuting with a dark, almost supernatural vibe similar to groups like The Brood and Ministry of Darkness, the faction struggled to connect with fans. This was partly due to Edge's extreme popularity, which made it almost impossible for him to succeed as a heel, but also their perceived similarity to AEW's House Of Black.

Brody King of the Malakai Black-led faction jokingly pointed out the similarities between the groups, kicking up a Twitter storm between fans of the rival companies.

The AEW faction had been in existence longer and had a better grasp of the emo vibe that Judgment Day was trying to pull off, so the latter did not come off favorably. However, the Finn Balor-led group eventually found its feet as a more traditional heel group of misfits on WWE RAW and never looked back.

The Judgment Day has found its own identity and the comparisons have mostly died down.


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