The biggest winners and losers of last night's SmackDown (June 26)

An episode on cruise-control...until it wasn't.

J.M. Carpenter

This was surprising!

Last night's SmackDown was a weird mixture of things that felt like filler and things which decidedly didn't. When not trying too hard, the blue brand still managed to outpace its red counterpart in putting on a quality show, even with the absence of notable names like AJ Styles, Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

It doesn't look like the company is out of lazy mode when it comes to building for a major show just yet, but SmackDown's version of filler still manages to be a lot more entertaining than Raw's, whose primary story around a champion that's disappeared and a guy that no one wants to see was terrible months ago, and continues to be every time its trotted out on television.

The blue brand is by no means brilliant or even must-see television, but it's easily the better main roster show at the moment. It's paid off with the Fox deal, so hopefully, this continues.

Who walked out of last night's show with wind in their sails with Extreme Rules being just two weeks from now?

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Winners: The Miz and the Bludgeon Brothers

Thankfully, the tag team champions are no longer nearly invisible, and that's an automatic win for them.


Sure, this promo wasn't anything special. WWE's usual formula was in full force, but Miz always manages to overcome shoddy writing. The segment also did its job in that it further fueled Daniel Bryan's feud with the Bludgeon Brothers while at the same time teasing the audience of the coming feud with Miz and keeping it hot.

That's about all you can ask for in today's heavily scripted and micromanaged environment.

Nothing brilliant, but the promo did its job.

We would see a lot more coming out of this as the night concluded, to say the least.

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Published 27 Jun 2018, 17:41 IST