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  • The Judgment Day to lose their Tag Team Titles to Jey Uso and 16-year veteran? Exploring the possibility
The Judgment Day attacked Jey Uso on RAW.

The Judgment Day to lose their Tag Team Titles to Jey Uso and 16-year veteran? Exploring the possibility

Many fans were astonished when The Judgment Day won the Undisputed Tag Team belts at WWE Payback 2023. Finn Balor and Damian Priest are now at the top of the tag team division. However, it is plausible that the duo may drop their belts if Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes ally to pursue the Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

The last episode of Monday Night RAW featured a dramatic development in Jey Uso's storyline. A scuffle erupted in the ring when Jey rejected the offer to join The Judgment Day. The faction initiated an assault against Jey. However, Cody Rhodes intervened and successfully rescued him.

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These recent developments may result in Rhodes and Jey Uso forming a tag team to go after The Judgment Day. Rhodes was the one who played a pivotal role in the introduction of Jey Uso as the newest member of Monday Night RAW at the WWE Payback 2023.

The culmination of this event could play out in many different ways. This story is interesting, but only time will tell if this risk pays off for Jey and Cody. Jey will undoubtedly receive a massive push in the coming months, but his first step could be to become the Undisputed Tag Team Champion alongside The American Nightmare.


Rhea Ripley stated that she enjoys The Judgment Day and desires to remain with the faction longer


The Judgment Day is one of the most popular acts in WWE. Over the years, they have shown a sinister demeanor within the confines of sports entertainment. Despite playing the heels, they have managed to garner affection from the audience.

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In a recent interview with Peter Rosenberg on Cheap Heat, Rhea Ripley expressed her desire for The Judgment Day to continue for as long as possible, stating that she enjoys working with all of its members:

"Yeah, I really want it to go for as long as it can go. I’m loving every single minute of work when the boys are there, I think that we could really drag it out and have it go for a long time. I wanna see The Judgment Day become this massive faction within the WWE that is so unstoppable and I think we can accomplish that. At the end of the day, I wanna see my boys with championships while I hold mine.” [H/T FightFul]

The implementation of The Judgment Day was not long ago. There had been a lot of rifts between them, but the stable kept going strong. Each member of the faction possesses a championship title at the moment. Rhea Ripley is the reigning Women's World Champion, while Dominik Mysterio owns the NXT North American title. The Money in the Bank briefcase is still in the custody of Priest.

Let's see what the future holds for the faction, but at present, they rule the wrestling world.

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