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  • "I had a few stinkers in a row"- The Undertaker's request to Vince McMahon regarding 2-time WWE Champion (and what happened next)
WWE personalities, The Undertaker and Vince McMahon

"I had a few stinkers in a row"- The Undertaker's request to Vince McMahon regarding 2-time WWE Champion (and what happened next)

The Undertaker has been in the industry for so long that he has become close with Vince McMahon. Although the two are on good terms, there have been times when they haven't seen eye to eye.

Before becoming a WWE talent, The Deadman was first seen on WCW in 1989. However, he left the promotion a year later after he was told that he would never draw money. Surprisingly, another reason that helped his departure was that he didn't want to face Giant Gonzalez (El Gigante in WCW).


Still, The Phenom wasn't able to escape Gonzalez, however, since the latter joined WWE in 1993. He even debuted at that year's Royal Rumble, where he eliminated The Undertaker. The two later faced each other again on WrestleMania 9.

Speaking on After the Bell in 2020, The Undertaker revealed that he requested to work with Yokozuna. He was shocked to learn that he would work with The Giant instead. Taker shared that he begged McMahon not to proceed, but it happened anyway:

"So I'm standing there and looking through the curtain, pull my head out and I said, 'Vince please. I'm begging you' because I had a few stinkers in a row. I said, 'please. Please let me work with him (Yokozuna) first.' I got the traditional Vince. (Undertaker does Vince laugh and impression) 'Oh, you'll work with him, but I've got something else in mind for you right now,' and I kid you not, just so happens coming down the hall from the far end of the of the stage comes Giant Gonzalez. He goes, 'that's what I got in store for you.' That's another one of the reasons I left WCW. They wanted me to work with him, and then he follows me here. I was like, please. So anyway, as it worked out Lex got Yoko first, and I got Giant Gonzalez and the rest is history." (H/T Bro Bible)


The Undertaker requested another former WCW legend he didn't want to face in WWE

The Prince of Darkness has had many encounters with different legends throughout his career. However, some turned out to be too late for them to have a match in the modern age.

One of the rumored matches Taker was supposed to be involved in was with Sting. The Deadman spoke about it in Comic Book and stated it would be difficult for them to have a match due to his age, and didn't want to disappoint the fans:

“There’s so many people that are clamoring for that match that I just don’t know that the match could deliver on the people’s expectations," Taker said. "And the only reason I say that, I’ll take full [responsibility], I don’t have the mobility, or the same skill set that I once did that I would need to make that match great.”
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