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Cody's return was just one of the defining moments of this year

Title Unifications; The Chairman retires - 4 defining moments from WWE in 2022

Every year in WWE, something big happens. One year, it was the end of the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak. In other years, stars like Kurt Angle, Edge, and Shawn Michaels have retired.

It's safe to say that things have been different all over the world since the global pandemic of 2020. The simple way of how things were done completely changed across countries, businesses, and within society.


Things have loosened a lot since the pandemic days of 2020 and 2021, causing some aspects of society to return to normal. WWE was also able to return to a semblance of its normalcy. With things getting back on track, the company has booked the Bloodline to rule over the promotion for almost two years.

From WrestleMania 38 to SummerSlam, the company has changed a lot from previous years. Here are four defining moments for WWE in 2022.

#4 Cody Rhodes returns to WWE

Rhodes instantly became one of the biggest stars in the promotion

Back in 2016, Cody Rhodes left WWE to pursue other wrestling ventures. He competed in IMPACT, NJPW, and Ring of Honor. The American Nightmare also formed AEW alongside the rest of the Elite, Chris Jericho, and Tony Khan.

Like Drew McIntyre, Rhodes used his time away from the biggest promotion in the world to grow his star power. While he was a key figure in the early stages of AEW's creation, he felt it was time to move on once his contract expired in early 2022.

The decision provided a historic moment for the industry as Rhodes became the first major player to move from AEW to WWE. Due to a plethora of roster cuts since 2020, a lot of released performers (Miro, Athena, Malakai Black, Andrade) joined AEW.

With one huge move, however, The American Nightmare changed the landscape of the business once more. He instantly became one of the top faces in the company and a favorite to win the 2023 Royal Rumble.


#3 The Usos set the record for longest-reigning Tag Team Champs

Jimmy and Jey have beaten every duo in their path

Like with Roman Reigns and the Undisputed Championship, commentators will often misrepresent the Usos as the Undisputed Champions for longer than their actual reign. It sounds good on tape, but it's only half true.

While the Usos have been SmackDown Tag Team Champs for over 500 days, they've only held the Undisputed Tag Team belts since May 2022. In May, they defeated RK-Bro to unify the belts.


Despite being the Undisputed Champs for a lesser amount of time, Jimmy and Jey still broke the New Day's record as Tag Team titleholders. The Usos now hold the record at 521 days and counting as SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

#2 Roman Reigns unifies the Universal and WWE Championships

Ever since he burst onto the scene with the Shield, it was evident that Roman Reigns was destined for big things. He was heavily protected while in the group and has been pushed the hardest since the group disbanded.

Seth Rollins has won many titles since the group broke up, but he hasn't main-evented as many WrestleManias as Reigns. To make The Tribal Chief the greatest star of this generation, Reigns unified the WWE and Universal titles at WrestleMania 38 by defeating Brock Lesnar.

The belts haven't been unified for several years, dating back to before the brand split. The Head of the Table has held both titles since April, leaving RAW without its biggest prize. That will hopefully change soon, but putting two titles in the hands of one person was a huge decision in 2022.


#1 Vince McMahon finally retires from WWE

Vince McMahon stepped away from the company he globalized earlier this summer

Perhaps the most defining moment for WWE in 2022 didn't even involve an active wrestler. Instead, it involved Chairman Vince McMahon, who officially retired in July. The move ended his nearly 40 years of control of the promotion.

Despite changing eras, like the Golden Era and the Attitude Era, the product that most fans know was created by McMahon. He was recognized as the person who invented sports entertainment and the biggest company in professional wrestling.

McMahon retired from WWE before SummerSlam for various reasons. Triple H, Nick Khan, and Stephannie McMahon have taken control since then. The product is notably different, with longer matches, the return of popular stars, and less scripted promos.

It's hard to envision pro wrestling without McMahon, but society and the industry have changed greatly during his 40 years in charge.

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