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  • Triple H once allegedly asked a tag team to protect him from a possible attack by two WWE Hall of Famers
WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H

Triple H once allegedly asked a tag team to protect him from a possible attack by two WWE Hall of Famers

At one point during the 2000s, Triple H was allegedly worried that The New Age Outlaws would attack him during a WWE house show.

Billy Gunn and Road Dogg were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 as members of D-Generation X. The duo shared the stage with The Game, Shawn Michaels, and X-Pac during the induction. Things weren't this smooth between DX members back during the Ruthless Aggression Era.


Sometime in the 2000s, Triple H had heat with Gunn and Dogg, who were in TNA at the time. At one point, WWE hosted a house show in the same area where the two TNA stars were doing an autograph session with fans.

According to former WWE star Trevor Murdoch, Triple H believed that Gunn and Dogg would attack him during his match. Here's what Murdoch said about the same:

"As soon as they saw those guys climb over the railing and begin kicking the sh*t out of Hunter, they would have thought it was part of the show so nobody would have done anything. Hunter would have just been by himself trying to fight off two guys, and people would have thought: ‘Oh look, this is so cool!’"

The Game instructed Murdoch and Lance Cade to keep an eye on him during his match and to come to his aid if The New Age Outlaws appeared:

"I want you guys at the curtain and I want you watching my whole match. The minute you see those guys, you hit that f**king ring, and you proceed to start kicking their f**king a**."

Triple H and The New Age Outlaws' relationship improved as time passed

Since the incident, Gunn and Road Dogg have made several appearances for the Stamford-based promotion. Both WWE legends are in good standing with Triple H.


Billy Gunn is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling as a wrestler and coach. Road Dogg is doing quite well for himself, too, and is now working as the Senior Vice President of Live Events for WWE.


DX recently celebrated its 25th anniversary on the October 10, 2022, episode of RAW. Unfortunately, Billy Gunn didn't appear on the show due to his association with AEW.

What do you think would have happened if The New Age Outlaws had attacked The Game that night? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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