Vince McMahon didn't want fans to see Stone Cold Steve Austin's leg twitch on screen

Vince McMahon ordered not to show WWE legend's legs due to scary injury

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin's legs twitched in the ring, according to Kurt Angle, which forced Vince McMahon not to show Austin's lower body on WWE TV.

In the latest episode of The Angle Show on AdFreeShows, the Olympic gold medalist discussed his match with Austin at WWE's Unforgiven pay-per-view in 2001.


He revealed that the 'Texas Rattlesnake' had back injuries in addition to his neck and knee injuries, which had an adverse effect on his performance in the ring.

"Even after the surgery, when he came back, he was 100% and going hard. What happened with him and the reason why he retired is because his back started to go too. He was really playing with fire because when he got up on the second rope to pose, his legs would twitch really hard. It was noticeable on camera, so Vince McMahon was telling Kevin Dunn, the producer, not to show shots of Austin’s lower body, just his upper body, because his back was starting to go too," said Kurt Angle about Stone Cold Steve Austin. (H/T WrestlingNews)
Who could forget the moment when @RealKurtAngle defeated "Stone Cold" @steveaustinBSR for the WWE Championship in 2001?!
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Angle stated that Austin believed that he didn't need surgery and thought that his WWE career was over due to the numerous injuries he had.


Stone Cold Steve Austin's injuries that cut short his WWE career

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin's in-ring career was cut short by a few years due to a number of injuries that he had suffered in his career.

Even before he joined WWE in 1995, Austin had suffered a knee injury in WCW and then had a serious neck injury when he was planted on the floor by Owen Hart in 1997.

He then had a few issues with his back, which Angle discussed on the podcast.

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