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Derek Carr once had a back-and-forth with a former WWE Champion on social media

When Raiders' Derek Carr offered to partner with former WWE Champion

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr may not be in the same sport as WWE, but he has openly shared his support and admiration for the product over the years. However, a superstar and long-time fan of the Raiders did not have the most positive initial interaction.

Back in 2020, Derek Carr responded to a tweet from the Stamford-based promotion about fans' top five superstars of all time. In it, the footballer listed down The Rock, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and Goldberg. This was not taken lightly by longtime Raiders fan Bray Wyatt.


The now SmackDown star replied with a simple "Bruh." The quarterback responded that he wanted to include Husky Harris, but he wasn't watching anymore at the time. He continued to reason that the superstars he listed were the ones he supported while growing up, adding that Sting was another option.

Still, Wyatt didn't take this lightly and named his own top 5 Raiders QB's of all time, naming Ken Stabler, Jim Plunkett, Rich Gannon, Marcus Mariota, and JaMarcus Russell. The WWE star ended the tweet with a broken emoji and asked if it hurt to be excluded.

Carr apologized in a later tweet and shared that he wasn't aware that Wyatt was a fan. With this revelation, he placed Bray at the top of his favorites list, and all the non-Raider fans will be placed below him.


The interaction was then brought up during an interview with Fox Sports. Bray opened up that it stung when he wasn't picked and that the superstars on the list were mainstream stars. Still, Bray shared that they're friends now. The interview was later retweeted by Derek Carr, who expressed also expressed a tag team with the former WWE Champion.

"😂😂 never again... #TagTeamChamps sign me up."
never again... #TagTeamChamps sign me up. twitter.com/WWEonFOX/statu…
"I wouldn't want him to hurt my feelings again."

@WWEBrayWyatt about @derekcarrqb not naming him as one of his Top 5 @WWE Superstars. @TheWilderThings

Derek Carr appears to have paid a tribute to WWE Hall of Famer

Clashes between different sports are not new, especially in terms of WWE. Derek attended episodes of the Monday show in 2016, and just a few years ago, he seemingly paid tribute to a notable legend in the sport.

Back in November 2020, the Las Vegas Raiders came up short against the Kansas City Chiefs with a score of 35-31. However, one of the talking points for the game was Carr's seeming imitation of The Undertaker.


Besides the rolling eyes and overall look, one of the main reasons this was named was a tribute to The Deadman, as it was the same night he retired from the sport.

Derek Carr doing his best Undertaker impersonation

What did you think of Derek Carr's past interactions with WWE stars? Share your thoughts below!

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