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WWE Superstar Randy Orton with his wife, Kim

Which current WWE Superstar does Randy Orton want to induct him into the Hall of Fame?

In 2000, Randy Orton signed his first contract with WWE. Over the next 23 years, The Viper became one of the company's legends. He is now a 14-time world champion, four-time Tag Team Champion, former Intercontinental Champion, and United States Champion.

As the 43-year-old is almost a guaranteed future Hall of Famer, he has decided on who he would like to induct him into the elite club.


During an episode of the Wives of Wrestling podcast, Orton's wife, Kim, disclosed that she and her husband once discussed who should induct him into the Hall of Fame. They both agreed that it should be John Cena. Orton also addressed Cena during an interview with TMZ, saying he should attend his Hall of Fame ceremony if he had some time off from Hollywood.

Kim disclosed that Cena texted Orton shortly after to assure him he would never miss that moment:

"John texted him [Randy] a couple of days later and goes, 'If I was on Mars, I'd make sure that I would be there for that for my friend,'" she said.

The Viper's wife also addressed the relationship between her husband and the Leader of the Cenation, revealing that Cena is one of Orton's close friends:

"Randy doesn't have many close people, but John [Cena] is one of them. And anytime any one of them do anything, they are always like reaching out to each other," she added. [H/T: EssentiallySports]

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John Cena and Randy Orton had a legendary rivalry in WWE


Cena and Orton signed with the Stamford-based company around the same time. They both spent about two years in developmental before joining the main roster in 2002. They have since become two of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry.

Between 2007 and 2014, The Viper and the Leader of the Cenation had a legendary rivalry. The two superstars squared off multiple times and battled over the WWE Championship. Last April, Cena sent a heartfelt message to The Viper on Twitter, celebrating the 20th anniversary of his main roster debut:

"For 20 years @RandyOrton has cemented his legacy as 1 of the greatest @WWE Superstars ever. I have the utmost respect for every achievement he's earned & CONTINUES to earn. But my genuine love & admiration for him is in his maturity & growth as a human being. Here's to RKO! 🥃" Cena wrote.
@WWE John Cena & Randy Orton (Best Friends, Better Rivals)

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