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  • Why is CM Punk coming to WWE more likely in 2024 than ever? Exploring reasons
CM Punk is a former AEW World Champion.

Why is CM Punk coming to WWE more likely in 2024 than ever? Exploring reasons

CM Punk is no longer with AEW after a backstage confrontation with Jack Perry at All In. This means that The Best in the World is again available on the market. While Punk burned many bridges during his time with the WWE, there are chances he can still come back.

During his run with the company, CM Punk had multiple real-life problems with Vince McMahon, which even translated into an on-screen storyline. However, McMahon isn't the majority owner of the company now due to the formation of TKO Group Holdings, and it could open the door for Punk to come back.


Another person he had problems with was Triple H. However, that should not be an issue either. If one sees Triple H's reign as CCO, every superstar has been given chances to shine. The Game has never been biased toward anyone since he started running the show.

Hunter has also brought many legends back to the company with whom there were rumors of him having real-life heat back in the day, like RVD, The Rock, and more.


Last but not least, Punk is a big draw and a money-printing machine for any company he goes to. He will easily be on the level of Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes if he decides to come back.

WWE still has massive respect for CM Punk


CM Punk had many creative issues with the company when he left in 2014. Even though he was WWE Champion for 434 days, it wasn't enough for him to stay back.

While Punk has openly spoken about his dislike for his former employers, WWE doesn't seem to have any problems with him. Recently, WWE president Nick Khan spoke to Marc Raimondi and claimed the company has nothing but respect for the former WWE Champion.

"Listen, we only have respect for Phil. We appreciate his run here. We appreciate what he did and tried to do with the UFC. Not many people can actually get in there and do what he did. So, when we have respect for Phil, we wish him nothing but the best."
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With Endeavor in the picture, fans hope to see CM Punk back in the company someday.

Do you want to see The Voice of the Voiceless back in WWE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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